4 Items That Make Moving Day Difficult

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Almost all families struggle with packing up their furniture during moving day. Even with the help of a reliable provider of high-quality moving services, families will encounter obstacles during the move. In the weeks of preparation for moving, you will need to organize and pack your stuff to avoid any delays. However, some items you own will give you a hard time packing compared to others.

Here are five examples of items that give families and movers a hard time during the moving day:

Oddly-Shaped Things

Most furniture comes in the shapes of rectangles, squares, or circles. Those shapes make it easier for movers to secure the items in the vehicle. However, moving companies continue to struggle with transporting oddly-shaped items like bicycles, sculptures, and chandeliers.

When you force the oddly-shaped things into the trucks full of fragile items, you will risk breaking your stuff. As a solution, you can place the oddly-shaped items in a cardboard box to form a more natural shape to carry. The box will be much easier to handle compared to wrapping newspapers around the object.

Fragile Artwork

Most pieces of art are stable, which allows you to pack them in a single box and have the movers transport them to your new home. However, some artworks are at risk of damage if a bubble wrap and a cardboard box touch their surface. You need to take caution in moving your valuable art. If you believe that the moving truck will put the artworks in danger, you should consider transporting the items using your vehicle.


moving day

The fish tank will be easy to transport because it can be disassembled. However, living animals and water plants inside the aquarium will be a headache for most families. You will need the help of the moving company to make sure that your fishes make it to your new home alive. You need to transfer the animals and plants to buckets of water to ensure that they have a habitable environment during the move.

You also need to separate the fishes into categories depending on their sizes to keep the bigger fish from eating the smaller ones. The buckets of water need to have cover to avoid spillage and water damage to other furniture.


Oddly-shaped items are challenging to move, but pianos take it to a higher degree. Pianos have small pieces inside them that can be damaged by the slightest of movements. The heavy musical instrument requires so much work that most families tend to leave it behind.

However, you may still consider taking the piano with you to your new home. Pianos prove costly to repair, which is why they should be treated with extra caution. You need to ask the movers to help you with loading the wrapped piano into the truck. You must also avoid placing a heavy load on it. You may place boxes underneath the piano to avoid wasting space inside the moving truck.

Moving to a new home requires tedious work and patience. The delays and minor damages are sometimes inevitable. However, good moving companies can help take the load off of your shoulders. You should make a list of your items, decide what you can throw away, and pack the stuff you will need in your new home. With proper preparation and anticipation, you can get past moving day.

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