A Guide to Vehicle Maintenance

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Cars are awesome investments. But owning one essentially entails a lot of effort. From purchasing until years of use, cars need to be taken care of to make sure that they do not breakdown in the middle of the road. Regular maintenance is also a must to ensure that they stay reliable even after years of driving them on the road.

Here are some maintenance tips to keep vehicles in top shape despite their constant use.

Wash Regularly

This removes dirt, mud, rain, and any other particles that may have adhered to the car’s surfaces. While they may not be readily noticeable, these particles can damage the car’s paint over time. Hence, it is vital to wash the car at least once a week. Washing removes the impurities, preventing paint deterioration and improving the car’s overall condition. Washing also removes any debris that may have lodged into the car’s engines, keeping the engines healthier in the long term. Additionally, regular washing can improve safety since it helps keep the car windows and windshields clearer and safer for the next rides.

Keep Bugs and Rodents Away

Mice, rats, bugs, opossums, chipmunks, squirrels, cockroaches, and many other pests can get inside your car and cause great damage. For instance, rodents can nest and chew on a car’s important parts, such as the wires, power steering lines, plastic panels, and hoses. They can damage the car’s hood liner insulation, interior upholstery, and carpet insulation. They can also live and cause damage the car’s air conditioner ducts, center consoles, heater blower motors, trunk, and engine compartment. Likewise, they can scatter their wastes around the car, leaving not only a foul smell but also feces and urine that can adversely affect health.

The dangers these pests pose should be eliminated. Of course, this can only be done by keeping them away from the car or eliminating them in their favorite hiding places. Below are some way to keep them out:

  • Start your car regularly. This will keep the rodents from getting comfy, driving them away.
  • Cover wires and rubber hoses with a metal mesh. Do the same to any openings where rodents and other pests can gain access.
  • Never leave food inside the car.
  • Install a rodent-deterrent tape around the car’s wires. These tapes are treated with capsaicin, which irritates rodents.

If the infestation is already difficult to control, hiring pest control services is a good option.  These professionals know how to get rid of the pests in your car without damaging any car component or endangering the car users. They can also provide insights on how to prevent pests from getting into your car again.

Keep Tires in Perfect Shape

Have them inflated regularly, and make sure that they are always road-worthy when using them, especially during long drives. If they already seem to have worn out, have them replaced as soon as possible. Worn out tires or tires that lack air can lead to car breakdowns in the middle of the road. Worse, they can lead to road traffic accidents, which can be fatal to the driver, passengers, and the surrounding people.

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Have the Wheels Aligned

This helps prevent tracking and steering problems, as well as rapid and uneven wear and tear. Take the car to a service station and have the technicians do the alignment for you. These experts can adjust the steering and suspension components of the car based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Wheel alignment may cost you a few dollars, but the safety it offers is always more than the money you spent.

Check the Brakes

Brake problems can lead to irreversible tire damage and a cascade of repairs, which can be extremely expensive. Do not wait for symptoms to show before having your car’s brake systems checked. Take your car to a technician and have the brakes and other car parts thoroughly checked. The technician might advise having your brake pads, and other parts replaced if needed. This is for your protection and the protection of your car in the long run.

Replacing the air filter of the air conditioner, changing oil, replacing the windshield wipers, getting tires rotated, and checking the spark plugs and coolant are also other ways to maintain the condition of your vehicle. Technicians can perform a thorough maintenance check if you take your car to the service station.

They can assess the type of maintenance or repair your car needs not only for the upkeep of the vehicle but also for your safety and protection. Regular car upkeep keeps you protected from road accidents that may occur due to poorly maintained automobiles.

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