Car Theft: Effective Deterrents and Preventive Measures

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Nothing feels as good as saving for your very own brand new car that just rolled off the factory. Normally, it takes months to a few years to save for a car, so it’s definitely something major people should look forward to. However, all those years of saving up for your dream car could easily fade away if you’re not paying attention to addressing car theft.

Even if you’re living in a relatively safe neighborhood, car theft can still happen. In fact, there are thousands of cars that are stolen in relatively “safe” first world countries like Canada. Car theft has become a problem across many countries that the damages can amount to close to a billion every year.

Contrary to what most people think, car thieves don’t just target flashy expensive-looking sports cars and commandeer any vehicle type. Whether it’s trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, or just about any car, there’s no type of vehicle that is safe from the malicious clutches of thieves. When a car is stolen, the owner will have to react fast since most of these thieves will break down vehicles into parts and smuggle them to different countries to be resold.

So what are some ways of effectively preventing cat theft? Will you need to modify your car to prevent it from being stolen? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Having Your Vehicle Identification Number On Other Parts Of Your Car

Normally, your VIN information and license plate will be at the front and back of your car. When your car is stolen, most thieves will replace it with another plate number. One of the best ways of ensuring that your VIN is visible to authorities while being difficult to remove is by having it professionally engraved or etched on your window or a really high-profile part of the vehicle.

Not only does this make your vehicle more “secure,” but this can also put off professional thieves that will try to replace your license plates and VIN.

Keep Your Keys In A Secure Location

It’s important to note that most car thieves will usually observe you, your car, and your home before springing into action. Most break-ins to your home will usually happen when you’re not there. In fact, around 70% of burglaries happen when the homeowner is not present. That said, your home isn’t necessarily the most secure location for storing your keys.

What’s one of the most secure locations out there? Most would suggest placing your keys in a location that’s usually away from the public eye. Other than just placing your keys at home, you can always place your keys at your office. If your office has windows overlooking a busy and public area, you can always add adjustable commercial blinds. If you want to modify your blinds for extra privacy and security, there are commercial custom window treatments that can ensure you’ll get towards your goal.\


Most office buildings will already have security personnel looking after offices coupled with CCTV camera footage that can be used to identify unauthorized personnel. This way, you won’t have to spend on added security equipment at home.

When it comes to your car, you should always park in a well-lit area that’s highly visible to passers-by and close to law enforcement elements that are actively patrolling the area. Most car thieves will stay away from areas that are being patrolled by authorities.

Get Yourself A Vehicle Tracking Device

If you lose your vehicle to car theft, you can never be too careful by having a vehicle tracking device to increase the likelihood of recovering it again. In most cases, prominent manufacturers of vehicles will have a standard built-in security device in place. But in certain situations, this is an option that most people will need to pay an added amount for. Nevertheless, this should be a necessity for every car owner.

Some security devices in the form of immobilizers will usually interrupt the ignition and operating process of your car. In general, this can only be reactivated by a specifically coded chip that’s present on electronic keys.

Ultimately, it would help if you focused on prevention rather than having to spend thousands of dollars on tracking your car and recovering it from malicious individuals. The best way of preventing your car from being stolen is by being vigilant about your surroundings while also keeping a private lifestyle. If you’re not going to use your car for four to eight hours, you should place it inside your garage or a completely secure location.

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