My Car, My Baby: Top Vehicle Maintenance Methods

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The great American automobile designer Chris Bangle once said: “cars are the sculptures of our everyday lives.” For many car lovers out there, this rings very true. The cars we buy are a mirror image of our personalities. The way we take care of them reflects the way we take care of ourselves.

One thing is certain, though; if you have a car, you need to maintain it. It doesn’t matter if you are not obsessed with it, and a Lamborghini Diablo means the same to you as a Chevrolet Spark. You still need to change the oil every few thousand kilometers, wash it when it’s dirty, and check the breaks. These are well-known facts. Others might not be as obvious but are also important.

With that in mind, here are a few things car owners should always consider.

Home Is Where the Car Is

If you want your car to last as long as possible, the most important thing is to keep it in a clean, safe place. If the garage in your house doesn’t have a roof, you should install one. There are plenty of companies offering residential roofing services at affordable prices. A roof will provide your car with many benefits, such as protection from rain, heavy sunshine, and unwanted gatherings of dirt.

For those of us living in small apartments or condo units without roofed parking, it’s best to buy a car cover from a reputable vendor. As with anything, do your research beforehand to find the best one.

But never leave your car outside. Leaving your car unprotected for long periods of time is one of the biggest reasons most vehicles deteriorate.

The Family Car

A car is not just a machine that will take you from one place to another. It is also a space to build memories and spend time with family and friends. For singles, it is a source of happiness, not to mention social status. As such, you should treat your car with care. You can do this in several ways:

  • Drive appropriately. Appropriate driving is protecting your car’s gearbox. You can do this by using the right gear at the right speed. Driving too fast with a low gear will damage not only your gearbox but also your engine. Another example is using the pedals correctly. This is especially true in cars with manual transmissions.
  • Drive with caution. Follow the rules. It’s that simple. Don’t over-speed or drive too slow. Use turn signals when turning, and don’t swerve. Be mindful of others and stay patient during traffic jams.
  • Invest in maintenance. When washing your car, use the right soap. Wax your car every once in a while. Vacuum the insides often and take care of the upholstery. Make sure you always have a spare tire, a few warning triangles, and a car jack.

By “nurturing” your car, you will save money in reparation fees and avoid preventable accidents.

car interior

The Power of Information

Not everyone knows how to change a tire. Even fewer people can bleed the breaks or replace an engine filter. This doesn’t mean you cannot learn. The more you know about your car, the better you will take care of it. There are plenty of sources you can go to for valuable information. You don’t have to be an expert. You can focus on learning only a few essential points.

Whether a car is brand new or very old, it is never too late to better take care of it. You can start by keeping it in an adequate place, looking after it, and getting as much information as possible. A little knowledge and effort will make a huge difference in your car’s performance and durability. It will also save you money and keep your loved ones safe.

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