Planning to Glamp in Your Backyard? Check Out This Guide

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Glamping, a portmanteau of glamorous camping, is a term that pairs the feel of adventure in outdoor camping with convenience and luxury found in a home or high-end hotel. Glamping setups usually feature a huge bungalow tent, teepee, dome, pod or hut. Inside the shelter is a fully furnished space, which usually consists of top-quality bedding and sheets, making the site comfortable and luxurious.

If you’re thinking about going camping but have something keeping you at home, consider turning your backyard into a neat glamping site.

Here’s how you can pull this off:

Pitch a Makeshift Tent

First things first — you need a place to sleep. If you don’t have an expensive tent for your glamping site, that’s perfectly fine. Any large tent that could fit a mattress will do. After you’re done setting up, cover the floor with an indoor or outdoor area rug. This will help make your feet feel soft and warm.

Get an Air Mattress

The beauty of this type of mattress is its flexibility. It assembles and disassembles easily. If you’re getting an air mattress, make sure you invest in a battery-powered inflation device. This way, you won’t have to wear yourself out by pumping air into the mattress manually.

Bring Your Pillows and Blankets

Once you have your mattress set up, bring soft blankets to stay warm at night. Also, don’t forget pillows to let you rest your head.

Light up the Glamping site

Add some nighttime twinkle to your glamping site by hanging overhead string lights or fairy lights along the tree branches and around your tent. Opt for solar-powered LED lighting fixtures that turn on after the sun sets and switch off at sunrise.

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Set up a Fire Pit

Glamping isn’t complete without outdoor fire pits. It’s a place to cook, roast marshmallows, relax, and socialize. When setting up a fire pit, don’t forget to decorate. Make it cozy by surrounding it with comfy chairs.

Don’t Forget the Wi-Fi

Many think that glamping means having to disconnect from the web. This isn’t always the case, though. If you want to stay connected even when you’re glamping, get a wi-fi extender to connect easily online. This allows you to take and upload Instagram-worthy shots of your glamping site in real time.

Keep Your Drinks Cool with an Icebox

You’ll want to wash down those delicious s’mores with a tasty and refreshing beverage. If the weather is hot and humid, however, the drinks you brought may lose their cool. Keep your beverages cold by putting them inside an icebox.

Bring Your Home Kitchen Tools

S’mores isn’t the only meal you can whip up when you go outdoor glamping. Take a multi-burner stove and cast iron to your backyard and make mouth-watering camping meals. Then, get recipes on the web to whip up restaurant-like meals in your campsite.

  1. Decorate Your Camping Dinner Table

Your glamping experience wouldn’t be luxurious without a posh dinner table in your backyard.

Here are a few tips to transform an ordinary camping table into a sophisticated piece of furniture:

  • Use a Table Cloth – Cover up your table’s blemishes or imperfections with an elegant cloth. Since you’ll be filling the table using beautiful decorations and tasty dishes, the cloth doesn’t need to look fancy. You’ll be fine with a plain sheet or cloth from a nearby thrift store.
  • Add Flowers or Greenery to the Table – Get a jar, fill them with flowers, and get creative with your floral arrangement. If you don’t have flowers, consider getting brightly colored leaves or grass to brighten the dining table.
  • Serve Wine – Complete your dining experience by serving wine on lidded jam jars.

Watch a Movie in Your Backyard

You don’t have to go to a drive-in cinema just to experience an outdoor movie setting. You can bring the home entertainment in your backyard.

Use a large white cloth. This will serve as your makeshift screen. Then, use a portable projector to display the movie on the screen. Lastly, add quality speakers for the sound. You now have a “backyard cinema” that you and your family can enjoy.

Bring Toys for the Kids

If you have little ones joining your awesome glamping adventure, don’t forget to bring their favorite toys. They’ll surely stay engaged for many hours.

These 11 ideas will help you enjoy a glamping experience in your backyard. This camping style allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without sacrificing comfort and convenience. When you hold your next glamping, make sure to invite your friends and family into your comfortable oasis.

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