Playlist Essentials to Drive the Quarantine Blues Away

couple listening music
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Quarantine hasn’t been easy for anyone as we watched our best-laid plans and new year’s resolutions turn to dust. A lot of us had high hopes for the start of the decade. It was supposed to be a turning point, the beginning of a new leaf, or our year to make changes for the better. Who knew that the transition the whole world will be making was one filled with chaos and uncertainty? The new normal, such as the rise of e-commerce and e-learning, that everyone experiences will become permanent fixtures even with the release of a vaccine.

In the meantime, every person has the challenge to navigate through the anxiety that being cooped up brings. Some have taken to buying houseplants and decorating their houses for that piece of nature. Others have focused entirely on their workout routines so that they can strengthen their immune system and come out stronger and fitter. There are also people reminiscing about past trips while looking fondly at their Spyder girls ski jacket or Salomon hiking boots stored in the closet.  No matter the coping mechanism or activity, there’s nothing like a music playlist ready to play in the background.

Music becomes a different experience when the songs are in playlists. A common theme and feeling come alive as each item contributes to the ambiance of one’s surroundings. Playlists can also help process feelings, allowing people to bask in the mood being portrayed by the songs. Here are some essential playlists everyone should have at their disposal:

Playlist 1: Tunes that hype you up

Being lethargic and stationary is tempting to do during the quarantine. There isn’t enough motivation to rise from the couch and become active. That is why you need a playlist to make you move to the upbeat tunes and encourage dancing and exercising. According to a study published in Frontiers in Psychology, high-tempo music ‘lessens perceived effort and boosts cardiovascular benefits.’ It’s harder to stay unmoving when Camila Cabello’s Havana or Portugal The Man’s Feel It Still is blasting from your speakers. You’ll soon find yourself bobbing your head and moving your limbs to the beat.

Playlist 2: Relaxing music for extra focus

It’s harder to focus on one activity these days as everyone becomes even more reliant with social media. There are so many things going on that it can feel overwhelming. You must get in touch with friends and loved ones, keep productivity up at work, and contend with the challenges of online classes. Having a playlist full of relaxing and ambient music can give your brain something singular to focus on. It can also serve as a kind of Pavlov response, wherein your mind is coerced into concentrating whenever it hears soft and instrumental tunes.

Playlist 3: Comforting songs for bad days

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Bad days are inevitable, especially during the pandemic. There will be moments when you need an escape from everything that’s happening. A playlist that gives comfort during troubled and sad moments is a must in everyone’s survival kit. The songs can help remind you that negative things shouldn’t define your existence and that there are brighter days ahead. Just be careful to stay away from melancholic tunes as it may exacerbate your sad feelings.

Music can be therapeutic as they express many kinds of emotions and messages. Making playlists according to one’s mood can help process all the things happening during quarantine and might even chase away cabin fever.

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