Preparing Your Backyard for Summer

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Many people would consider spring as a symbol of how death gives way to life. However, men aren’t exactly the type to wax poetic about the changing of the seasons. We’re just glad that winter is over, and we can go out and enjoy the sun again. But before you bring out your grill, you need to prepare your backyard. It’s bound to be a mess, and you won’t be able to do anything without a good spring cleaning.

Gardening work grinds to a halt as winter starts to creep in. Dead leaves and branches begin to reappear after months under the snow. Not only is this mess unsightly, but it could also be dangerous for your family. The last thing you want is your grandma tripping over a hidden branch. Of course, you can always hire someone to do the work for you. But wouldn’t you rather clean your backyard yourself? You get to do things your way, and you get to reap the fruits of your hard labor afterward.

As the man of the house, it’s your job to keep your home and your family safe, even if that means doing gardening work with your bare hands. Here are a few things you need to do to prepare your backyard for the new year.

1. Spray herbicides

The arrival of spring means that anything that grows will return to life. It’s important to take decisive action to get ahead of weed growth. Indecision or procrastination only allows weeds to grow deep roots. Once the root systems have matured, you’ll find it more difficult to banish them from your backyard.

But don’t spray herbicide right away. First, you need to lay the groundwork for your plan. Start by trimming and watering the grass to prepare them for spring growth. You can also sprinkle fertilizer all over the ground to speed up the process. Once the lawn has been conditioned, use pre-emergent chemicals to stop the weed growth process. Only use regular weed killer if you still see weeds growing on the lawn.

2. Remove dead branches

Strong winds and the cold can cause tree branches to fall to the ground. Even healthy branches aren’t immune to the effects of snow and wind. If you have a lot of trees on your property, this could pose a serious health hazard. The branches can fall on someone or break external siding. Someone could also accidentally step on a sharp object. You need to remove dead branches from your property before doing anything else.

The best time to remove branches is right before spring sets in. If the ground is still covered in snow, you can start by pruning the trees first. Focus on the trees nearest to your house. If the branch grazes against the structure, it needs to go. You also need to remove any dead branches that are in danger of falling.

Smaller plants such as shrubs may have to be cut as well. While they’re not as dangerous as tall stress, the constant grazing can damage the external wall.

3. Clear the ground

backyard patio

Leaf drop doesn’t just happen in autumn. Some species continue to shed leaves all through winter, which poses a cleanup problem for many households. If left alone, it could even damage your new lawn installation. You need to keep your backyard clear of leaves. Ideally, you’d want to clear your backyard at least once a week during winter. However, there may be times when it’s unsafe to work outdoors. Wait until temperatures have stabilized before doing any heavy lifting.

Dead leaves aren’t just an annoyance. They can also damage your plants. The moisture trapped in the dead leaves can cause mold infestation. Fortunately, clearing dead leaves isn’t that difficult. Some people prefer to collect and dispose of them, but you can also put them to better use. You can run your lawnmower over the leaf piles to pulverize them. The leaf bits will then decompose to the ground and serve as nutrition.

A final word

These three tips will help you clear your backyard of debris and detritus and prepare it for better days. Manual labor is often considered a man’s work, but that doesn’t mean you have to make life more difficult for yourself. Use your brains and brawn to ensure a cleaner and healthier backyard for you and your family.

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