How to Avoid Paying for Expensive Car Repairs

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Car ownership comes with regular maintenance, which is often the toughest and most costly aspect of having a vehicle. Routine vehicle maintenance is something you should prioritize if you want to get the most out of your car. For instance, neglecting tasks such as regular coolant replacements and filters or oil changes can hurt your car’s performance and reliability. For ensuring that your vehicle looks much cleaner, newer, and nicer, a routine auto detailing service is highly recommended.

Such maintenance tasks ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive, looks great on the road, and of course, saves you from hefty car service bills. Take note that there are car maintenance tasks you can do yourself, and there are ones that experts should perform. To make it easy for you, we’ve gathered the maintenance tasks that can help you.

Follow the recommended maintenance schedule

One of the easily forgotten rules in car maintenance is keeping up with the manufacturer’s maintenance timeline. You can find this on the owner’s manual or online. One general example of such a timeline is that for every 15,000 miles, you need to replace the car’s engine, oil, in-cabin filters, and wiper blades. For every 45,000 miles, it’s necessary to replace the engine coolant, fuel filter, as well as transmission and power steering fluids. Such recommended practices are crucial in keeping your vehicle running better and longer.

Keep your battery and filters in check

Remember that regardless of what type of battery you got under the hood, it will eventually die. It’s a good habit to regularly check it once it reached three years. You can bring your car for a free battery checkup that most auto part shops offer if you do not know how to do such a task. Apart from that, do not also forget to check your air filters. There are two main filters in a car, the cabin filter and the engine filter, which ensures the air coming into the cabin and the engine is clean. Filters that have too much dirt can lead to costly car repairs or totally damaging your vehicle.

Pay attention to your tires

Let’s be honest. Tires are among the most underrated components of a vehicle. In fact, most car owners ignore them until they pop or go flat. Regularly rotate or align them every time you change your oil or at least every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. Rotating is about moving the tires into different positions to make the wear even. On the other hand, alignment is adjusting your car suspension components to ensure the tires are centered in the wheel wells.

Furthermore, check if your tires’ tread is deep enough to maintain good content with the channel water and road. Driving with worn or damaged tires is extremely dangerous since they are most likely to slide or slip on the road.

Have a car diagnostic test

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Most auto technicians and shops provide car diagnostic tests. This type of service requires relevant knowledge and specialized tools and software to pinpoint different car problems. This test effectively reveals issues with the vehicle’s brakes, exhaust system, transmission, engine, and other major parts. A professional car diagnostic test can also accurately spot performance problems with the throttle, ignition coils, fuel injector, and air coolant.

Ideally, you should bring your car to an expert mechanic for a diagnostic check when you feel or hear something off with your vehicle. Nonetheless, most technicians recommend getting a car diagnostic test at least once a year.

Carry a breakdown kit

Having a car breakdown kit, particularly winter essentials, can help you prepare for challenging driving conditions. Ideally, your kit should include a flashlight, wind-up torch or one with spare batteries, de-icer and ice scraper, screen wash, road flares, reflectors, jumper cables, and fire extinguisher. It is also recommended to pack up water bottles, snacks, ponchos, and blankets for other road emergencies or car breakdowns.

Having sturdy footwear and warm clothes is important to keep you safe during severe weather conditions. If you are traveling on the road for a long period, be sure you also got a fully charged mobile phone so that you can call for help when you need it.

Responsible car owners and drivers know that routine maintenance is vital in keeping their vehicles in great condition. It minimizes the probability of breakdowns, reduces wear and tear for almost every auto component, and prevents costly repairs and replacements. Above all, it ensures your safety and of others on the road.

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