Spruce up Your Living Room with These Seven Lighting Ideas

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The living room is the epicenter of any home. Family and friends normally gather in the living room to spend quality time together. It is that one area of the house where most activities happen day and night. Families gather in the living room for a myriad of activities such as entertaining guests, watching TV, reading, and relaxing. It’s important to install appropriate lighting in the living room because it sets the mood of the room.

Ambient and Task Lighting

There are two functions of lighting: ambient lighting and task lighting. Ambient lighting illuminates the room and lets you move around safely. It includes fixtures such as chandeliers or those mounted on walls. On the other hand, task lighting includes floor and desk lamps that allow you to perform tasks such as reading, playing games, and domestic tasks such as cooking food.

Lighting Setup

Setting up the right lights can create an illusion that the room is larger than it actually is. Lighting not only sets the ambiance for different atmospheres and purposes, but it also spells a difference in the aesthetics of the living room. As with any elements of interior design, an appropriately and well-lighted room results in a warm and cozy atmosphere. Lights complement the room’s style and decor, and they highlight features and fixtures such as furniture, flooring, fittings, and finishes.

We can’t stress enough how important lighting is in interior design. A 2014 study found that the more intense the lighting, the more affected emotions become—both positive and negative.

Here are seven ideas to optimize lighting in your living room:

1. The fireplace as the centerpiece

While fireplaces provide warmth during cold winter nights, they rather end up empty in summer, making the living room feel cold. You may consider installing an overhead lighting fixture with warm lights to add an even glow.

2. Lighting as a piece of art

If you have a minimal space, installing a dramatic warm light on your living-room wall serves two functional purposes: to illuminate the room and serve as a perfect conversation piece for your guests. It will not only provide ample but diffused ambient light, but it will also serve as a striking wall art.

3. LED strip lighting

Contemporary interior design has incorporated the use of LED strip lighting because it can be customized and is flexible. It can be used to highlight and illuminate crevices or serve as back lights in cabinets and shelves. It is quite popular among architects and lighting designers because it’s so easy to install.

LED strip lighting can be installed as a bathroom accent, as cove lighting, or as an outdoor accent. It is also recommended for its brightness, efficiency, and color options. The most common LED strip-light color is neutral or natural white because of its natural and daylight effect. LED strip lights are currently ubiquitous, and you can even get LED white strip lights online. If you want a truly DIY lighting design at home, LED strip lighting is for you.

4. Chandeliers

Although ideal for homes with high ceilings, chandeliers and suspended lights can still be additional fun and decorative fixtures in the living room. These lights add a nice overall glow to the room and some depth, and they also evoke a feeling of stateliness.

5. Accent lighting

This is used to highlight statement pieces in the living room. It creates a visual interest and leads the eyes to artwork such as paintings and sculptures. Usually, accent lighting is mounted on the wall, so it provides light for the focal point of the living room, resulting in a dramatic experience in the living room.

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6. Mix and match: the old and the new

Use vintage lighting fixtures in a contemporary living room and install contemporary lights in a room full of old stuff. This combination makes up for a classic and timeless appeal. The important factor to consider is the placement of these lights to ensure that there are balance and harmony.

7. Floor and desk lamps

Place floor and desk lamps in different parts of the living room not only to illuminate the space but also to enhance your decor and set the mood. Make sure, though, to arrange these lamps so that they don’t get in the way while you, your family, and the guests are engaging in activities in the living room.

Lighting is meant to illuminate and highlight the style and decor of a room. The key is to install the lights properly so that they can function in style and provide comfort and practicality.








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