Turning Your Outdoor Area into Your Personal Oasis

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A beautiful outdoor space does more than improve the aesthetics of your home. It provides you with your personal oasis.

Designing your outdoor space may seem a chore at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Everything boils down to knowing the right pieces that go well together – whether it’s furniture from Fort Collins or patio awnings in Denver, as home experts recommend.

Get started with these ideas:

Good Lighting

Adding exterior lighting provides extra appeal and improves outdoor space function. Installing sconces, for instance, makes a great addition to decks and patios for book lovers who enjoy reading outside. String lights can give the space a fairytale look. Solar lights on walkways or railings not only function as décor but also as safety against trip hazards.

Before choosing your outdoor lighting, determine how you want to use the space. This will make it easier to narrow down your options for your space: ambient lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting.


While your patio or deck serves as space to unwind after a busy day, nothing can be more uncomfortable than prying eyes. You can maintain privacy for your outdoor area by:

  • Installing wooden fences and outdoor lattice screens
  • Decorating the surrounding area with tall hedges
  • Adding a sliding gate for a more modern appeal
  • Building a timber wall that matches your outdoor accents
  • Explore different options to block unsightly views, keep out prying eyes, and maintain peace and quiet for your outdoor space.

Extra Protection from the Elements

When you’re living in Denver, where summers are warmer than most areas in Colorado, you’ll need to provide extra protection for your outdoor area. Install a canopy or retractable awning to shield your patio or deck from the rain and harmful rays of the sun. If you’re on a budget, an umbrella for your table and chairs can do the trick.

Comfortable Furnishings

What completes your outdoor area is having the right furnishings. While buying outdoor furniture involves the same considerations as when you’re buying indoor furnishings, you’ll need to think of additional factors.

  • Weather: Hot, dry weather can cause cracks and splinters on wooden furniture. Wicker isn’t an ideal material for furniture exposed to moisture.
  • Space: How much space do you have for your patio or deck? Use the dimensions of your outdoor space to determine the size of your furnishings. Think of the principles for traffic flow when choosing your outdoor furniture.
  • Material: This will depend on three things – weather, maintenance, and aesthetics. Will the furnishings match the theme of your home? Do these require a good amount of care?

When buying outdoor furniture, invest in quality. Be meticulous when you shop – check reviews and listen to what home decor experts say before making a big purchase on your furnishings.

Final Thoughts: You Don’t Need to Go Big All the Time

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Giving your outdoor space a makeover doesn’t mean you have to tear everything down. Envision how you want to use your space. Start with small and simple improvements, then build on these until you’ve achieved the look and feel you want for your outdoor space.

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