Upgrade Time: Priority Picks in Car Customization

car being repaired
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If you own a car, you must have thought about putting in an upgrade or two at some point to improve your ride’s look or performance. Car enthusiasts often enjoy adding new customization to their automobiles, and these additions can be simple decorations like bobbleheads and car stickers or pricier modifications like body kits.

Shopping for car upgrades can be quite fun, but it can also be time-consuming and a little overwhelming if you do not know precisely what you are looking for yet. To help you have a better idea of what you can buy, here are some of the most common modifications car owners look for:


Car owners often look at their wheels first when thinking of upgrading their car parts. The wheels of the car are its most prone components to wear and tear due to consistently hitting the road. Therefore, making sure that they are upgraded and in good quality is a smart investment.

There is no proof that tires can directly affect a car’s speed, but going for high-quality models can significantly lessen torque and increase engine efficiency, which are both excellent indicators of performance. Prioritizing your tires not only improves your car’s capabilities, but it also helps you drive safer knowing that there are fewer chances of a tire blowing out on a rough road.

You can find several kinds of tires in the market, and learning about the differences in each type is essential to know which model best fits your car. For example, if your vehicle consistently carries a good weight while traveling rough roads, heavy-duty tires like the Dunlop Direzza DZ102 should help protect your wheels from damages. If you own a racing car and are looking to increase your speed, the sticky texture of the Michelin Pilot Super Sport design is ideal since it improves the car’s resistance against race track material. If you are unsure of which tire you want to install, you can always check online car shops for an expert’s opinion.

Body Kits

Car owners love installing customized body kits on their vehicles because of how it can improve a vehicle’s aesthetics. Some automobiles look like they were manufactured for function only since they come with a boring stock design. Body kits can fix that by replacing the plain layout with a selection of unique concepts and patterns.

There are different types of body kits for each part of the car. There is a kit to enhance the car’s front and rear bumpers, another to change the side skirts, and there is also one for customizing fenders. While it is easy to splurge on body kits, you can also take the slow road and choose to upgrade your features one at a time. Like visiting a beauty clinic for lip filler specials one day and going back again for body sculpting, you can go for multiple trips for gradual improvement instead of making a one-time addition. This way, you will have better control over your spending, and it can also help you make better decisions on how your car should look like in the long run.

Exhaust System

Round single Car Exhaust Pipe chromed made of stainless steel

The exhaust system is an important component of your automobile and should be regularly maintained. The main task of the exhaust system is to redirect harmful fumes from your engine, and if it fails to function correctly, it can lead to carbon monoxide buildup inside the car. Shortly put, an ill-conditioned exhaust system is dangerous for both the vehicle and the passengers.

Upgrading your exhaust system should also be done whenever possible since it can significantly improve your car’s fuel economy, which in turn leads to better engine performance. The exhaust engine has many components that you can refurbish, but most people put a prime on the headers. Modifying the headers can increase your vehicle’s top speed by freeing up horsepower. Upgrading the catalytic converter is also a good option since newer models can reduce nitrogen oxide, another harmful gas.

By-Pass or Blow-off Valve

A by-pass or blow-off valve’s primary function is to allow excess pressure to escape from the engine. The stock valves on most cars usually start leaking after a year or two, and not replacing them can deal considerable damage to your engine and turbochargers. Fortunately, aftermarket valves are known for better quality and durability, so you won’t have to purchase replacements regularly.

When choosing an upgrade for your existing valve, try to look for adjustable blow-off valves for improved pressure release. Adjustable valves do not vent the entire air pressure out; instead, they allow a certain amount back into the system for re-circulation. This method is useful if you want to improve your lag when changing gears.

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