8 Creative Pursuits to Dabble in During Quarantine

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There is no better time to create, but now.

While it’s tempting to scroll through Instagram or revisit the days of Derek Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy all day, you can use your time to whip something up—an eight-page personal manifesto or a Boho-inspired crochet top.

To help you power through this quarantine, here are eight activities you can dabble in to unleash your creative side.

Get Your Hands on Sculpting

If you have a penchant for creating something with your bare hands, then clay sculpting is for you.

Craft three-dimensional masterpieces out of sheer clay and channel your inner Michelangelo. But how do you get started? You just need to grab a few basic sculpting tools like clay, clay shapers, clay cutters, clay molds, glazing brushes, scrapers, and slab rollers, and then you’re good to go.

There are different tutorials online that could assist you in your quest to learn the basics of clay sculpting. This is certainly a tedious task to take on, but if you think about it, sculpting would be an impressive addition to your wide skill set.

Learn the Ropes to Crocheting

If you want to immerse yourself in a creative hobby that doesn’t require you to draw a human head and adhere to principles of proportion, then it’s time for you to discover the world of crocheting.

Crocheting is lacing together knots of yarn to create a fabric. You only need a crochet hook, a ball of yarn, and a pair of scissors to produce a crochet handiwork—potholder, dish scrubber, basket, scarf, beanie, hat, headband, blanket… you name it. So, if you want to stay relaxed and productive while in lockdown, then it’s time to start knitting.

Stir Some Cocktails

Time to make your bartender dreams true. While in lockdown, you can keep yourself busy by learning the art of mixing cocktails in your own home. This is a fun activity where you can get creative in finding the right mix of drinks.

You’ll learn how to find the right blend of spirits and how to choose the best glassware and garnishes. So, if you want to serve delicious drinks to your friends the next time they swing by your house like a bona fide bartender, then it’s time to learn how to craft the perfect mojito recipe.

Play on Your Programming Skills

Capitalize on your computer skills by learning the fundamentals of coding this quarantine. As a digital native, you won’t have a hard time understanding the complex concept of codes.

If you have aspirations of building your own website or working full-time in building software, this is the perfect activity for you. There are different websites that offer crash courses and workshops on programming and website design, so you might want to scour the internet for options.

In this day and age, knowledge of coding is a highly valued skill. Let’s just say you won’t regret spending most of your time in front of a computer this lockdown.

Sharpening Carpentry Skills

If you want to refine your carpentry skills, you have to put in the work. You have to be willing to spend all your mornings and afternoons building up your knowledge on measuring, cutting, and nailing.

You can start with a small project, like a dog house, then follow it with a bigger one, like a backyard gazebo. Though carpentry can eat up a lot of your time and drain you of your energy, this can also bring you high levels of joy and fulfillment in the end.

Pour Time into Soap Making

If you are a beauty buff, then you would enjoy crafting your own homemade soap. You will definitely unlock the inner artist in you as you get to experiment with texture, colors, ingredients, and shapes.

How do you start? You only need oil and alkali ingredients and basic tools for measuring, mixing, and molding. Once you have everything, you can start the process of soap making. Along the way, you’ll learn the proper ratio, scent, and solidifying process for your soap. This might involve a series of trial and error, but this will definitely be an enriching experience for someone who is eager to learn new things.

Brush up on Makeup Skills

There are thousands of videos on the internet dedicated to teaching makeup. If you want to apply foundation, eye shadow, and bronzer like a bona fide makeup artist, now’s your time to acquire that knowledge from YouTube beauty gurus.

Exploring eye shadow palettes and lipstick swatches is a delightful process. Aside from that, knowing how to apply makeup is a recognized skill. There’s no denying that everyone loves a girl who can keep her eyebrows on fleek and her eyeliner wings even.

Exercise Your Storytelling Ability

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Nothing is more creative than letting your imagination run wild. Since you spend most of your time alone with your thoughts, why not put it all into writing?

Exercise your storytelling ability by writing a novel or a book of poetry. And since you have all the time in the world right now, you can also put up a blog where you can share your ideas on random things like love, fashion, real estate for sale, or politics. If you want a productive and therapeutic activity this quarantine, then this is something you should try.

Take this quarantine period as an opportunity to find new passions and revisit old dreams. If you’re wondering how to power through these trying times, creativity is the key.

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