A Car Hobbyist’s Guide To Safe Vehicle Maintenance

car maintenance
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Whether you’re loving your Honda Superbike or cruising with your Mitsubishi Evo, the same amount of time and investment also goes into care and maintenance for these powerful beasts. In fact, that’s what it means to be a car hobbyist; riding them is one thing but the discipline to keep them in peak condition is something we all enjoy.

However, many car hobbyists tend to forget that vehicle maintenance is inherently dangerous. It is a craft that requires precision, skill, and practice to master. So, today we’ll be learning how you can stay safe and prevent some of the most common problems people run into.

Is It That Dangerous?

Sure, if you’re going over everything in a basic manner and don’t plan to get into the nitty-gritty, you’re pretty much safe from all forms of risk. However, any true car enthusiast wouldn’t pass up on the opportunity to get down and dirty under the hood and see for himself what he can do for his beautiful ride.

As such, when one fails to take any safety measures, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that your life is in danger with just one slip-up. All it takes is for one jack stand to give out or a spinning blade to go out of hand and cause a severe injury.

Fire Risk and Serious Burns

Firstly, one of the most common dangers you should be aware of is the risk of fire and serious burns. Rubber can catch on fire, and the fuel you use to get around is a flammable liquid, and there’s also the concern of your car battery being exposed to these combustibles. You might also mistakenly place your hand on the engine while the car is running, which can cause serious burns.

Solution: Awareness and Always Double-check

The solution here is to always double-check and never get too carried away with yourself, no matter how familiar you get with vehicle maintenance. While it will get easier to do overtime, safety measures should always be observed, and you never know the likelihood of something going wrong. To stay on the safe side, we suggest keeping a fire extinguisher handy and keep the garage well-lit.

Trips And Falls

Car care and maintenance can get pretty messy very fast, and if you’re one that’s easily absorbed into the things you do, you run the risk of not noticing a spill or stuff in your way, causing your to trip and fall. The natural mess created from servicing a vehicle also tends to mask potential dangers, so even if you’re on the lookout, you might be caught off-guard still.

Solution: Proper Disposal and Responsible Organization

car maintenance

To stay on the safer side of vehicle maintenance, we suggest that you observe proper disposal of any waste created and the responsible organization of all your tools and equipment. If anything’s spilled on the floor or might impose a risk, later on, deal with it ASAP instead of leaving it for later. Plus, keeping everything organized also nets you peace of mind and makes work much more efficient.

Cuts And Lacerations

Lastly, getting cuts and lacerations from working on vehicles is not uncommon and can leave you with serious wounds that take weeks to heal. There are plenty of moving parts under the hood you need to get to know, and when you first start, you might put your finger in the wrong places and end up hurting yourself real bad.

Solution: Protective Equipment

Like any dangerous work, you’ll need the necessary protective equipment to stay safe, and vehicle maintenance is no different. Get yourself durable gloves, proper work clothes, and safety glasses to start. If you plan on doing any advanced modding, we suggest investing in protective earmuffs for your hearing and heavy-duty eye-protection to keep the eyes healthy.

Don’t Shy Away From Professional Help

Of course, while it’s fun to work on your car and see what upgrade you can do by yourself, it doesn’t hurt to get a little help from a professional. Especially if you’re starting, don’t be afraid to leave the comprehensive work and challenging tasks for the mechanics, and slowly work your way up. Soon enough, you’ll be capable of doing the heavy lifting. Just don’t rush things, and remember to take the necessary safety measures beforehand.

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