Even Bachelor Pads Need Gardens

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When building a bachelor pad, many details usually focus on the interior aesthetics of the place. But while the indoor features define much of its overall mood, your bachelor pad does not begin and end indoors. There is so much space outside your home’s four walls to create a masculine and yet homey vibe.

A good bachelor pad needs the touch of the outdoors, too, whether it’s a yard, garden, or patio—whichever suits your tastes. With an outdoor area, you have one more place to unwind after a long day and entertain guests who come over.

You may be wondering how to make your outdoor space into one that invites people to stay and unwind without losing the theme of your home. The truth is that it does not take too much, just a few tasteful touches that will definitely enhance the space.

Make It a Place Where People Can Hang Out

Your yard or patio does not just have to look good. It has to invite people to stay—and we don’t mean just visitors. You have to want to spend time in the place, too, whether to work or relax or both.

Choose your seating well

The kind of seating you choose will define the kind of area it will be.

A hammock and an outdoor couch make it a place to lounge around, while chairs and tables let people spend time outside to eat. Even putting a desk there allows you to do some work. You can mix it up, too, and add a bit of everything.

Make the place cozier and more welcoming by adding an outdoor fire pit. Fire pits don’t have just one specific design, so you can easily customize them to match your theme.

Have a minibar

The party doesn’t start until the booze is out, right? Keep a stash of your and your guests’ favorite drinks in your own outdoor minibar.

Have the bar set up depending on the amount of space you have. If you have a lot of space, a traditional setup could work with extras like an outdoor oven. Smaller spaces let you improvise more, from pullout bars to pass-through bars that connect to your windows and even simple bar carts that you can create on your own.

Just make sure that your bar is located near your seating area for easy access and enjoyment.

Decorate the Space

Decorations are great tools to further connect the outdoor area with what you have created inside your pad.

Add some greenery

Since it is an outdoor area, you certainly need some plants! Greenery livens up the space with its vibrant colors and adds an even homier touch to it. After all, you don’t want a bachelor pad that’s too stiff.

When choosing the plants to keep in your yard or patio, think about the amount of time you can realistically spend tending to them. Fancy yourself as a green thumb? Then go ahead and choose plants that require a bit of expertise to care for.

If you’re a gardening newbie, go with low-maintenance plants. Cacti and succulents are friendly for beginners because they don’t need daily watering to thrive.

Use natural elements

Emphasize the outdoor feeling of the place by introducing materials that are reminiscent of the natural world. Some roughly finished wood or stone can add a rustic yet modern feel to the space.

You can even visit vintage stores and find unique pieces to make the space look better and more interesting. You will find that they are great conversation starters, too.

Don’t be afraid of color

We understand that when you think about bachelor pads, the typical image usually involves leather, dark colors, and very few bright features. But those are not the only things a bachelor pad can be. You can have color in it and still have it be your own man cave.

A space feels more alive when there are bits of brightness littered throughout without going overboard. Add an accent to your cushions, have a painting or two on the wall, or have a cool rug for your seating area. Pops of color keep the area from being bland and monotonous, so let yourself experiment a little.

The Place Is Yours Before Anyone Else’s

If there is one rule you should remember in the process of fixing your outdoor space, it is that you should like what is in it first before you consider what others will think.

It isn’t just any bachelor pad! It is your bachelor pad, so ultimately, you make the rules.

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