#BeautyGoals: Keeping Your Skin Young and Healthy at Home

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All 50 states in the country have started to reopen their businesses and loosen restrictions in some way. The state of Utah, for instance, has reopened salons, restaurants, and other establishments.

The relaxing of restrictions presents an opportunity for individuals to improve the appearance of their skin. If you’re in an area where health or medical spas are open, you could drive to the nearest center, arrange for Botox specials, and enjoy a refreshed and younger appearance.

If your area is still under a lockdown restriction, don’t fret. You can take steps to maintain a youthful and healthy glow on your skin. Keep these suggestions in mind:

Wash Your Face Regularly

The mantra you’ve been hearing from health experts during these past few months is to refrain from touching your face — particularly your eyes, nose, and mouth. Although experts discourage face touching, this does not necessarily mean that you can forego washing your face. Even if you’re not in constant contact with the outdoor elements, you should still clean your face every day.

Apart from regular face washing, you need to exfoliate your skin each week. This prevents dead skin cells, debris, bacteria, and oil from accumulating and causing acne breakouts.

Use a Moisturizer After Washing Your Hand

One of the biggest skin issues you’ll face while you’re staying at home is dry skin. Washing your hands too much strips away the beneficial oil that keeps your skin supple. This makes your skin dry and prone to irritation.

After washing your hands, don’t dry them right away. Apply a moisturizer while they’re still damp. The cream in this skincare product locks in the moisture instead of letting it evaporate completely.



Safeguard Your Skin from Sun Exposure and Free Radicals

You need to put on sunscreen (or a product with SPF) even if you have no plans going to the beach or spending much time outdoors. The ultraviolet light produced by the sun can enter right through your glass windows and cause skin aging.

Then, there’s the blue light generated by tech devices, such as mobile phones and laptop computers. According to a report from CNET, this type of light could age your skin faster. It may even cause sustained changes to skin pigment.

When you’re at home, remember to apply sunblock or product containing mineral-based SPF. This helps protect your skin from the harmful effects sunlight and blue light.

Change Your Showering Habits

Although taking long, hot showers is awesome (especially during winter), this activity could do more harm than good. Prolonged showering, just like hand washing, removes the good oil on your skin.

So, keep your showers short and opt for tepid water when cleaning your body. Instead of using sudsy soap, opt for other products like deep-hydrating lotion or lotion-based cleanser that’s gentle on the skin.

Have DIY Spa Days

Can’t go to the spa right now? That’s okay. You can bring the spa to your home by dedicating a weekend or two for some extra pampering. ; This DIY spa day involves cleansing and exfoliating your face, earning a nice bath, playing relaxing music, and lighting aromatherapy candles. These activities decompress your mind and help you feel good about your skin.  ;

Follow these suggestions to keep your skin beautiful and healthy while staying (or stuck) at home. With these skincare tips, you can effectively combat the possible negative effects of staying too long indoors, including dryness and unwanted facial breakouts.

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