Canceling Toxic Masculinity through Beauty and Self Love

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It’s more challenging to love yourself as a man, especially if you don’t fit into a mold that society wants you to fill in. So many rules demand men to avoid this and do that instead of tuning in with their personalities and loving themselves the way they are. There is especially a negative connotation for men interested in grooming and investing in their appearance as if beauty is exclusively for women. Well, let us put it out there: it’s not. And men shouldn’t feel less manly simply because they like to look good.

“Beautiful” Men

Did you feel awkward as you thread through the subheading? Do you question the phrase simply because the word “beautiful” is placed before “men”? Toxic masculinity revolves around the idea that men should be tough, powerful, and reject any relation to what is considered feminine.

The words beautiful are often associated with the ladies, and so when it’s used to compliment men, it’s usually received as an insult. It shouldn’t be. Words don’t have genders or sexes, and something as descriptive as “beautiful” deserves to be attributed to any person, whether male or female.

Now that we’ve put that aside, do you know those beautiful men are more successful at work? Studies have shown that these individuals wear confidence and self-esteem with a smile. This aura about them immediately helps them make good and lasting impressions, which is why they are also more likely to get hired.

Not only do they gift effort to look good, but they also endeavor to feel good. Their appearance merely augments their physical and mental attractiveness. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not just the good looks that draw positive attention. It’s the way that they carry themselves with confidence, poise, and grace. It gives an impression that they are reliable, credible, and capable of doing the job.

Being attractive makes them more suitable to represent the organization because they express themselves with so much trustworthiness. They don’t look good simply by wearing good clothes; they eat good food and have a good exercise routine. And most importantly, they’re particular with hygiene and self-care. And self-care is essential.

More than a Pretty Face

Self-care is more than just striving to look better. It’s a state of mind that improves your physical and mental well-being. When you care about yourself, you take care of yourself. You make sure your bones and muscles are strong, and for that purpose, you live a healthy lifestyle. You eat balanced and healthy food. You avoid smoking, drinking, drugs, and other harmful substances as much as possible because you understand the importance of being physically fit.

When you’re physically healthy, you’re more capable of helping yourself and others. You get to enjoy more out of life because you’re qualified. On the other hand, if you’re physically unwell, your days will not only be uncomfortable, but they could also be painful.

A lot of people deal with various sicknesses and diseases because they’ve let themselves go. For example, people deal with obesity, cardiovascular, and respiratory infections due to habits. But if you’re healthy, you can spare yourself the trouble and the expense.

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In addition, self-care helps you keep a healthy mind. Having good mental health makes you emotionally more robust and resilient. You have clarity, a greater sense of inner peace, and self-esteem. In addition, you can manage your stress and anxiety. And most of all, you have good relationships with others.

Self-care is not a journey but a process that helps you become more aware of yourself and your thoughts. You become more sensitive to your wants and needs, and in the process, you can have the ability to pour from an overflowing cup.

So love yourself. Being a man doesn’t mean you can’t take breaks from the hustle. Pack up your bags and travel the whole country. Invest in your appearance and gain confidence and treat yourself to suitable eyebrow tattoo treatments. Get a new haircut, have a facial massage, get your nails done, and don’t mind what other people say. It’s time to love yourself and cancel toxic masculinity. Here are some ways to take care of yourself:

Skin Care Routine

It doesn’t matter what they say because men have skin, too, and you ought to take care of it. A straightforward skincare routine is all you need, and that means a gentle cleanser, a moisturizer, and a ton of sunscreen.

Go to the Spa

Spas are not exclusive to women, and you will love a massage after a day’s hard work. Go out there, find a good place, and treat yourself to something nice.

Go Shopping

Get a new bomb outfit and surprise everyone at work with some newfound confidence. Clothes and fashion are both for men and women, so there’s no judgment if you go out shopping, too.

Toxic masculinity has been taking jabs on men’s mental health ever since the beginning. There is so much pressure to maintain a “manly” appearance that people often forget to take care of themselves. That’s why millions and millions of men are suffering from the insecurity that later develops into mental health conditions, and the struggle is genuine.

Just take a look at the studies and statistics of how many more men commit suicide than women. It’s time to cancel toxic masculinity, and there are many ways to do it. One of the best ones is to love yourself through beauty and self-care.

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