Car Customization for Beginners

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Your car is one of the most valuable things you can own. It can be used for lots for different purposes like emergencies, daily transportation to work, leisure, or road trips. For something as essential as this, it pays to have it properly maintained and improved.

Since you’ll be with your car for quite a few years or decades, you may want to add a little style to it. Customizing your car greatly improves its aesthetics and can also increase its safety features. Not to mention the second glances you’ll receive from strangers because of how unique your car is.

Customization Tips

There are plenty of ways to incorporate your own personality into your car. While some customizations require complex procedures and professionals’ help, some ways are less complicated, which is great for beginners. We’ve listed them below.

Upgrade Your Wheels

One of the first things every car owner replace is the wheel. Choices may range from the 90s big wheels to shiny rims, but you could never go wrong with the classics like Enkei or Konig. Their solid appearance completes the stylish look of your car, and they significantly reduce the unsprung weight on the suspension, making your car easier to handle. Just be careful with your choice of color and make sure it complements your car’s shade.

Window Tint

One of the most common problems that drivers face is the glare from the sun. That’s why car window tinting is another important upgrade. It blocks almost 99% of the sun’s UV rays, significantly reducing the glare while also protecting your skin from damage, especially if you tend to drive under the sun for long periods of time. In addition to this, you’d definitely appreciate the edgy look your car will have.

Quality Tires

There are some upgrades that you can let slip by and only install them when you have extra funds, but the tires aren’t one of them. Making sure that you have quality tires is part of the overall maintenance of your car. You will have a harder time driving your car, especially on rainy days, because your tires can’t provide better traction. Always conduct a regular checkup of your tires’ tread life to avoid accidents.

Better Brakes

Do not ever pass up on the opportunity to upgrade your brakes. Believe it or not, break failure causes 5% of car accidents in the United States every year. If that doesn’t seem like a high percentage, that’s actually around 300,000 car crashes annually. At the first sign of your brakes weakening, make sure to have them serviced. Make sure you go for a brake caliper with a color that complements your wheels while you’re at it.

Shift Knob

Of all the upgrades you can install in your car, it’s the shift knob that you can probably have the most fun with. It’s rarely seen from the outside, so you can go crazy with it as much as you like. Some shift knobs have skulls as the knob head, while others are replaced with an entire katana handle for a Japanese look.


In pretty much the same logic as the shift knob, the pedals are less seen by the outside world, and you can personalize it as much as you want. There are also instances when the grip on the pedals starts to fade, making it harder for you to press on them with your foot. Have them replaced with something that provides adequate traction to avoid slipping while you drive.

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One common misconception about the exhaust is that the louder it is, the better. That’s not always the case. There’s no point in having your car scream on the freeway if all it can reach is a top speed of around 45kph. You can be stylish with it all you want, but it’s always better to pay attention to whether or not it adds horsepower. You also may want to check your state’s exhaust regulation because they only allow a certain decibel limit to avoid disturbance.

Interior Upholstery

If you have the funds and want to go big on style and comfort, you may opt to upgrade your car’s interior upholstery. It’s encouraged, especially if you have already upgraded your car’s exterior. It’s a major buzzkill if your car’s outside looks badass and the inside is old and shabby. Going for a two-tone leather with enough cushion is always a great option. Make sure it looks classy, too!

No matter what everyone else says, there is a certain sense of achievement in owning a car. You worked hard for it, and you deserve to be proud of it. A car is a great companion for the years to come, and you’d definitely make lots of memories with it. Adding your own touch of uniqueness and personality to it is an integral part of owning a car.

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