The First-Time Traveler’s Guide to Road Tripping In Europe

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St. Augustine said: “The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only a page.” Travel is an opportunity to experience life and all its wonderfully crazy pages. With each page, you will find a variety of scents, sounds, people, sights and cultures. The experiences, whether good or bad, will definitely leave a profound impact all the days of your life.

Europe is considered to be many a traveler’s dream vacation because it brings spice to life with its beauty, history, people, culture and food. It is a continent of contrast, and that’s where Europe gets its beauty. From the coffee shops in Amsterdam to the lively Oktoberfest in Germany, Europe has a lot to offer for the discerning traveler. With a lot of things the continent has to offer, you might just want to uproot and look for a business opportunity in Sweden.

Every country is different from the next and you will certainly be left with many wonderful memories of your travels here. Before you plan your trip, here is a guide on road tripping in Europe:

1. Choosing your Car

Before you go on a road trip, you will have to consider your mode of transportation. Jason Moore of Zero to Travel says that there are a few things to take into consideration here: budget, space, and comfort. Remember that you will be traveling across the continent and spanning different countries so chances are you may at one point or another sleep in your car.

You will also have to consider your budget for gas and how many people will be coming along for the trip. You can look into big spacious cars like a Ford Galaxy so that you and your companions will have sufficient legroom when traveling.

Most of the cars in the UK are manual, so the type of car you choose will ultimately depend on your ability as a driver. Choose a car with tinted windows so that you can safely leave your stuff inside without anyone peeking in. Alternatively, you can hang dark colored curtains on the windows so that you can have some privacy while taking a quick nap in between travels.

2. Make a Checklist of What to Bring


Now that you have narrowed down your choice of car, it’s time to talk about the things you need to bring. For safety and convenience purposes, place your travel documents such as your passport in an easily accessible “important documents folder or envelope.” You will have to bring adapters for your devices, as well.

To make things more comfortable for your companions and for yourself, bring a rug to cover the floor. Yoga mats are also a good alternative to sleeping bags in case you will be sleeping in the car. A blanket and pillows add extra comfort at night. As much as possible, divide your belongings as how you are to use them, such as “cleaning” and “cooking” supplies. For added safety measures, bring along a well-stocked first aid kit in case of emergencies.

3. Travel Light

It’s recommended that you pack essential clothes. While it’s true that you want to have the perfect OOTD for your Instagram feeds, you don’t want to lug different bulky luggage. A good rule of thumb is to pack the basics, such as shirts, sweaters, jeans, and a good pair of traveling shoes. You can layer your outfits so that they can mix and match.

4. Get Travel Insurance

When traveling abroad, consider insurance to be an important investment because you’ll never know what will happen along the way. Shop around for a good insurance policy that would fit within your budget and would give you peace of mind when you chart about unfamiliar territory.

5. Engage in Some Money Saving Activities

Traveling to Europe doesn’t have to break your bank account. You can enjoy your fill of Europe on a budget. According to Nomadic Matt, one way to save money and take in the sights and sounds of the city is to have a picnic. You can purchase one of those pre-made sandwiches in some of those little restaurants or buy some ingredients to make your own meals. It is a simple way to save money and still enjoy the culture of the country. If you want to take in some local cuisine, look into local restaurants. It’s a great way to get an authentic experience of travel fare and not just take in some typical “grab and go”.

Whether you are traveling for a fortnight or three months, you will certainly remember your trip to Europe for many years to come. After all, John Muir did say: “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.”

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