Five Secrets to Keeping the Heat Out of Your Parked Car

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One of the things most people are heavily invested in is their cars. If they can afford a car, then they will surely buy one. A private automobile is now considered more of a necessity than a luxury.

For most car owners, the immense heat of the sun can make a car ride feel literally like hell. While you may enjoy summer, it is never fun to ride around town for long hours inside a running heat machine. To keep your car cool and make your drive a more bearable and comfortable one, here are some tips you can keep in mind:

Park somewhere shady

Even if you’re just running a quick errand, make it a point to find a shady spot to park your vehicle. Sometimes, walking a bit further where you have parked is more worth it. As a rule of thumb, any shade is better than nothing. You’ll find it extremely satisfying not to have to enter and ride a car that is radiating with heat.

Tint your windows

car tintingYou may already be aware that tinting your car’s windows help increase its aesthetics. But did you know that with a professional car window tint installation, you can enjoy many long-lasting benefits? It helps block harmful UV rays, thus safeguarding you against skin darkening, sunburn, aging, and skin cancer. It also helps protect your interior, reducing sun damage and block windshield glare. It provides privacy and better security while blocking solar heat buildup to keep your car cool even on hot days.

Get your car some nice sunshades

Sunshading does not work well only in shielding your car’s interior against harmful UV rays. It is also a tried-and-tested way of keeping the heat out of your vehicle. You can choose among the different-sized sunshades available depending on your car type. They are cheap, easy to fit, and easy to store. If you’re looking for a quick and affordable way to cool your car down, then don’t forget about sunshades.

Cover your seats, steering wheel, and dashboard

Nothing can turn your mood upside down than having to sit on incredibly hot seats. Allowing direct exposure to sunlight can damage your leather seats. So keep blankets in your car and cover your seats with them while you’re away. As for your dashboard and steering wheel, you can use a beach towel instead. The blankets and towel will absorb the heat so that your backside and hands don’t have to suffer. When it is time to take your car for a spin, you can simply tuck your blankets away for the next day’s use.

Keep your windows slightly open

Many would agree that keeping your windows open and unattended is a bad idea. But keeping them slightly ajar can be beneficial during the hot season. Just make sure than an arm won’t fit through the gap. If you have window visors, deflectors, rain guards, or the like, it won’t be obvious if you keep them slightly open.

These are some of the things worth trying to keep your car cool for summer. As simple as some of the items on the list may seem, these are quite effective in cooling your vehicle. No one enjoys a hot car. You can solve the issue, stay cool, and enjoy a more comfortable ride even during the hot days.

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