Fixing Bad Posture: What These YouTube Channels Have to Say

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The comforts of the modern world have spoiled us. Everything, from food and clothes to work and entertainment, can be accessed and answered through the wonders of technology. All it takes is a push of a button from your favorite mobile application. While convenient to not exert effort in getting what one wants, the sedentary lifestyle brings about a host of emerging health issues like obesity, diabetes, and depression. The human body is made to move about and has different positions throughout the day.

Bad posture is one of the major ills of today’s society. Staying in one position for too long warps the body’s structural foundation to compensate for the lack of movement. Muscles that should remain loose and flexible become tight and overextended. Meanwhile, other parts of the body become weak due to the lack of use. This mismatch can take its toll and result in chronic pain and aches.

While it’s possible to try to fix poor posture by yourself, having a professional as a guide can make the process easier. After all, if it’s common sense to get an expert for major house improvements like bathroom remodeling and kitchen tiling, what more if it’s improving the state of your actual body? Getting the help of physical therapists and trainers will point you in the right direction and program. Thankfully, access to their knowledge and best practices aren’t limited to actual hospital appointments. Some experts have uploaded free informative self-help videos on YouTube for the public.

Here are some channels you should check out to help improve poor posture:


Strength coach and physical therapist Jeff Cavaliere is best known for his science-backed videos on building muscles, improving posture, and eating healthy. He created the Athlean-X program to help the everyday person how to train their body like an athlete. You can get a glimpse of what the program offers through the many videos he uploads on his channel.

What attracts people to his methods are the simple exercises and stretches anyone can do to relieve pain and improve one’s body alignment. One example is his video on getting instant relief from lower back pain by doing an easy morning stretch: the bridge reach-overs. Many commenters have shared their surprise at its effectivity despite its little impact.

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga concept

Yoga has been proven to help correct poor posture because it can loosen and stretch tight muscles as well as open up joints through counteracting poses. People who regularly practice yoga also have stronger arm and core strengths, with increased awareness of how their body moves and feels. Beginners who want to try out the craft can check out Yoga with Adriene. The channel offers many free programs people can follow to build their own yoga practice at the comforts of their homes. One of the most popular series is her 30-Day Yoga Journey.

Jeremy Ethier

With 2.6 million subscribers, Kinesiology graduate Jeremy Ethier regularly provides unbiased data-driven content to help anyone optimize their training routine and nutrition plan. His video on a 10-minute work-out to fix posture has garnered 8.6 million views. Ethier recommends doing the upper body and lower body sets in between 50 minutes of work, if possible, to recover from the prolonged sitting position. Some exercises he listed are the over-and-backs, cobra pose, hip flexor stretches, and glute bridges.

With the abundant resources available on the Internet, there is now no excuse not to work on improving one’s poor posture. Your body will thank you for the lack of pain and aches.

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