Big Dogs in Big Cities and Small Spaces: How to Help Them Deal with It

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You have to be very specific with the breeds that you will make stay in your tiny apartment. Corgis, Shih Tzus, Dachshunds, terriers, pugs, French Bulldogs, and standard poodles make for a good companion in a tiny space. But if you have a German Shepherd or Golden Retriever, it seems cruel to let them stay in a tiny apartment space. These dogs have a lot of energy. They need room to spend this energy.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep big dog breeds in a small apartment. You don’t have to leave them with your parents in the province or the suburbs. They can stay with you. Even them will choose to stay with you despite the small space you offer. As long as you look for ways to take them out of that space regularly, they’ll be the healthy dogs you want them to be.

Advantage of Living in the City

There’s an upside to living in the city when you have a big dog. You can get them whatever treats they want. Plus, you will also be near expert veterinarians. You can choose from a range of specialties. If your dogs have special needs and allergies, you can get dog food for sensitive skin in specialty dog shops. The possibilities are endless for dog pampering when you are in the city. Most of these stores and services are located in highly urbanized areas.

Exercise Your Dog

Central to the life of a big dog in a small space is exercise. Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a tiny home, you need to provide time to exercise your dog. Take the dog to the park every weekend. On weekdays, make sure to run around your street for some exercise.

So how much time do you need to exercise your dog? It depends on the dog. Since you’re the owner, you’ll most likely be the best person to determine how much exercise the dog needs. For some, an hour running around the block is okay. For others, a leisurely trot for 30 minutes or so is enough.

If you do not have the time for this because you’re busy with work, hire a dog walker or someone who can do this for the dog. Taking the dog out to do its thing is not considered an exercise. You have to run, hike, and play. Make sure these are all part of the dog’s routine.

two dogs playing

Keep Them Occupied Inside

Your dogs need activities inside the house, too. They need toys and use what little space you have to play hide-and-seek. How about trying out his skills for nose work games? There are plenty of things to do with your dogs inside your apartment when it’s raining, and you both can’t get out. Be careful with the toys you buy. You might want to buy toys that will take a lot of time to play with than those they’ll easily consume.

Create a Routine

Animals are a creature of habits, and so are people. Stick to your routine—morning walks, feeding time, playtime, and sleep. At midday, ask someone to take out your dog to pee or do its thing. Dogs can’t hold their pee for nine hours while you are at work. If your employer agrees, take the dog with you to work. They’ll usually just lie down next to your feet and won’t bother anyone else with their cuteness.

Give the Dog Its Own Space

Like people, dogs need their own space. A small corner in the living room will do. Put his bed, blanket, and toys there. Every time it wants to sleep or not get bothered, that corner will be a solace. If possible, let the dog on the furniture such as the end part of the sofa. That will make it feel more comfortable since you are there sitting on the same chair. That will also help dogs feel less confined in your tiny apartment.

It’s perfectly okay to have large-breed dogs in a small space as long as you’re willing to do the work. Imagine being confined in a small space. It will feel like a prison. That’s how most dogs feel if you don’t take them out for a walk or a run. So take the dog to live with you in the city, but be responsible enough to do things for its physical and mental health. Dogs get depressed, too, when they don’t get as much activity as they need. A simple walk in the park every day is an excellent way for them to spend their energy.

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