How Celebrities Are Coping with COVID-19 Thru Fitness and Wellness Routines

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Like the rest of us, many celebrities are also cooped up in their homes and making the best out of self-isolation. The pandemic has forced most people to stop going to work, some even having to close their businesses indefinitely. There are some benefits, though, such as catching up with family and spending quality time at home. Others start a new hobby, learn how to cook, while a few had to hire experts for a much-needed home maintenance work such as a sewer line repair. For many of celebrity idols pinned at home, resuming their fitness training and pursuing wellness goals were the best things to do during this forced downtime. Let’s see what our favorite stars have been doing since the lock down:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Pumps Iron

The former Mr. Universe is still pumping iron even in the middle of a pandemic. He believes that staying fit and healthy through exercise is the best way to be free from COVID-19, while making sure to follow government guidelines on the quarantine. Near his sprawling mansion in Malibu, he has a special spot that he goes to every morning on a vintage army truck where he loads barbells and other weightlifting equipment. He chooses an isolated area where there are no people but plenty of open space and fresh air. Still strong like the Terminator, he lifts these heavy iron bars and plates as if he was still 21. At 72 years old, he is still vibrant and vigorous, no doubt a positive result of all the years he has spent training and shaping his body. Back home, he relaxes by playing with a pet miniature horse and a donkey, followed by a dip in his home spa. ;

The Beckhams Beat Boredom with Exercise

man lifting weights at the gymAcross the Atlantic Ocean in Britain, the Beckhams have trooped over to their South Central England retreat in the Cotswolds. They have been there since the start of the quarantine in the UK, enjoying family time while doing their best to avoid possible infection from the novel coronavirus. ; Their vast estate has enough land to allow them to move around freely without having to worry about encountering people who may be positive for the virus. It is a retreat home that is so big that it features a full-sized tennis court where David has friendly matches with his son, Romeo. The queen of the house, Victoria Beckham, happily bikes around their real estate to get some exercise outdoors. The power couple, no doubt, enjoys playing with their other children Cruz and Harper on their lawn that is wide enough for a football game. In the evenings, they enjoy other family activities after a sumptuous dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Beckham even celebrated their birthday in their Cotswolds vacation home, complete with cakes and presents. So for this famous family, being in self-isolation is about staying fit while having fun and food at the same time.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Family Cooking Experience

Ms. Pepper Potts of the Iron Man and Avengers movie franchise has temporarily left the role to be a full-time Mommy to her kids, enjoying family cooking sessions at home. ; The founder of lifestyle brand Goop also promotes whole foods as “the cornerstone of health” and emphasizes the use of good, quality ingredients for cooking. What started out as a simple vlog about her style of cooking and daily activities became a weekly newsletter about living a healthy lifestyle. Today, it is an online brand that has expanded to fashion and travel. Even while in home quarantine, she continues to reach out to her fans and customers via videos on her home life with her husband and kids.

Justine Bieber’s Fun Home Workout Routine

Recently, Justine Bieber posted an interesting and fun home workout where he pretended that his floor was volcanic lava. To cross over from one part of the room to another, he had to hop, jump, skid, and slide using chairs, foam rollers, a skateboard, and other furniture and odd stuff inside his mansion. Just like recreating a video game, he spryly moved over the obstacles and avoided being “burned alive” by the faux floor lava. Aside from this amusing self-designed obstacle course, he also has many videos in his home gym doing high-intensity interval training or HIIT, calisthenics, lifting weights, and dancing. ; Before the lockdown, Bieber was also an avid practitioner of Brazilian Jiujitsu, an martial art and sport that is popular among many Hollywood A-listers like Keanu Reeves and Ashton Kutcher.

Instead of going on a Netflix binge while munching on chips and chugging down bottles of soda, these celebrities know how to maximize time at home with their family and for their personal health goals. For these popular personalities, maintaining their health is part of their profession and a good way to set an example for millions of their fans across the world.

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