How to Avoid Getting Behind the Wheel When Drunk

drunk driving
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One thing that has been normalised in society is drunk driving. It’s on movies: teenagers driving home after a night of partying. It’s a “cool” thing some friends do, wearing it as a badge of honour that they still drive safe under the influence.

Laws against drink-driving appear to be something that can easily be shrugged off, so much so that 37% of drivers would get behind the wheel after one drink and 32% after two drinks. A startling 42% honestly responded that they would drive despite being aware that they are unfit for the road.

This seemingly simple violation puts the lives of everyone in traffic at risk. In the UK, the drink-drive accidents were at its eight-year peak in 2019, at the cost of 250 lives due to drink-driving. An average of 154 people each day failed the breathalyser test in December 2019. This is a 16% increase from a year ago when 56,000 drink-driving were recorded throughout the year.

It’s a decision people actively choose — although not always with rational thinking. Therefore, drink-driving is utterly preventable. Here are measures people can do to avoid getting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol:

Have a designated driver

When going with groups, choose a designated driver for the day. This person would have to stay sober throughout the party to bring home their friends safely. It’s a sacrifice, yes, but it’s better than other possible outcomes. Everyone in the group can take turns in this position for every night-out to be fair.

Hire a chauffeur

Showing up to a party in a stunning dress and a luxurious ride will certainly guarantee a head-turning entrance. Ultimately, what’s better than attention when hiring private car transport services in London is the presence of a chauffeur. No more worries about being too buzzed to drive or selecting a designated driver because arriving home safe is ticked off the list.

Hail a cab

hailing a cab

Sometimes, cabs are available late at night. Instead of getting behind the wheel, consider hailing a cab. If you’re worried about safety, ride-hailing apps will come in handy. They come with safety options such as sending your location to emergency contacts. They also provide the picture, name and plate number of the vehicle, so you can screenshot this and send it to someone. Also, since you might have had too much to drink, try your best not to puke inside the car.

Or just don’t drink—or don’t bring a car

You can choose between two options: drunk or drive. You can never choose both. If you decide that this night is for getting wasted, leave your car in the garage. Have the designated driver pick you up or take a cab. This way, you won’t be tempted to get in the driver’s seat at three in the morning with a blurry vision.

On the other hand, if you choose to drive, stray away from alcohol. Dancing may not come as effortlessly, but it will be fun nonetheless. Perhaps, fun is about the company and not the distortion of the senses.

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