Should You Apply for Disability Benefits?

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Your country’s social security administration has a disability insurance plan for contributors who will be unable to work because of an existing medical condition. If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that disables you from gainful employment, then you can be eligible for social benefits. The process of applying for these benefits can be a bit daunting that it throws off eligible candidates. You should talk with an attorney or someone who’s an expert in social benefits to determine the qualifications you need to reach.

While you can get scoliosis treatment in the UK or other countries, the severity of some of its forms stops people from earning the wage they need to live a decent life. This is when you know that you should look at the disability benefits being offered in your country. When your medical condition essentially stops you from earning a decent wage, you can tap into the social benefits that you have contributed to in the past.

You Are Not Earning Enough

In the United States, the Social Security Administration determines the eligibility of a disabled person based on substantial gainful activity (SGA). This factor refers to the amount that a person needs for normal living expenses. The amount varies depending on the country. The disabled person’s earnings must fall below the SGA level to be eligible for social benefits. In the U.S., for example, the SGA is $1,260 a month.

You Cannot Perform in Your Previous Jobs

injured man talking to other manThe social security administration of your country needs to be sure that you are now unable to work for any of your previous jobs. They will look at your job descriptions and their physical and mental demands. Is it true that your medical condition disables you from doing the tasks assigned to you? What are the reasons treatments and therapies are not enough to enable you to perform these jobs?

You Have Contributed Enough

To be eligible for the disability benefits, you must have had enough credits with your social security administration. Depending on where you live, your contributions will be added and computed. You must meet the minimum criteria before your application is approved. You should have enough contributions to show the government that you have been a law-abiding taxpayer who pays your dues when you can. Now, it is time for them to help you.

You Are a Citizen of the Country

Legal residents receive compensation and benefits from their respective countries’ social security administrations. But citizens of those countries have far fewer steps they need to fulfill. You can get disability benefits faster if you’re a citizen of the United States or the United Kingdom, for example. You can still receive benefits if you are a non-citizen, but the process will take longer. There will also be more requirements for you to become eligible.

Once you are assured that you qualify for the benefits, you should determine the exact steps you need to take to apply for the program. You should speak with a disability attorney so that you can receive the assistance you need. Also, keep all your documents organized so that it is easier for your case handler to process your application.

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