How to Maintain a Healthy Figure While on Quarantine

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The coronavirus outbreak severely affected life as we know it, as social distancing measures, quarantines, and the closure of several businesses disrupted most of our daily routines. Among the impacted establishments were gyms, sports centers, and other fitness institutions, making it even harder for people to stay active and in shape during the pandemic.

If we learned something from the pandemic, it is that our health should never be taken for granted. We need to make an effort to maintain a healthy figure to better fight off viruses and other diseases. Although it can be quite challenging to start an exercise routine at home, we need to start taking care of our bodies now if we want to have a better chance of surviving the pandemic.

You don’t need to do any heavy workouts like you usually do at the gym to stay healthy. You also don’t need to build up huge muscles to lift power equipment, as shown in commercials. Even a small amount of activity can make a huge difference in how well you feel mentally and physically. Here are a few simple tips that you can try to improve your overall condition and maintain a healthy body.

1. Learn to eat healthy.

You can often hear the doctor advising patients to eat healthy to get stronger faster and recover soon. Eating healthy means making good choices in your diet that will help your body stay fit and stronger. The coronavirus situation has made eating healthy more difficult by closing down many food businesses and limiting grocery trips for safety purposes.

To make the most of the situation, the best you can do is plan ahead. Ideally, you’d want to visit the grocery store only once in every two weeks to lessen your chances of exposure. You need to prepare a list of healthy options before going to the store so that you already know which items you will be picking up. It is also advised to list down alternatives in case your first choices are out of stock.

While you might think eating healthy just means stocking up on fruits and vegetables, it’s not that easy during the pandemic. Produce is usually the first thing that goes bad in the refrigerator, which means you won’t be able to store two weeks worth before it spoils. You need to stock up on healthy, shelf-stable foods that can be stored longer, such as canned soup, canned fish like tuna and salmon, dried beans and nuts, and other non-perishables that pack enough nutrition for you and your family’s needs.

2. Make time for the sun every day.

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If you live in an area under strict quarantine measures, you must make sure you still get your share of sunlight and fresh air every day. Studies have shown that sunlight has multiple health benefits, and it is essential to allow your body to receive these benefits as much as they can since the sun is technically a free source.

Step outside and stay under the sun for at least five minutes to get enough vitamin D to boost your system. If your area has lowered its lockdown measures, you can take a short walk just around your house to sneak in a little physical activity as well. Just remember to wear a mask and maintain social distancing if you plan to leave your home, even for a short distance.

3. Create an exercise plan that suits you.

It goes without saying that if you want to keep a healthy figure, you need to exercise, even just a little. Making an effort to stay active consistently will go a long way towards warding off unwanted fat in your boy.

To make sure that you stay motivated to exercise, you need to create your own routine. There are hundreds of simple and easy-to-do exercises that you can find on the internet, so feel free to browse until you find something that interests you. The activities don’t have to be high-intensity or at a particular difficulty; the important thing is that you do them regularly.

Making your personal exercise plan means you will also set the time for your routine. This is essential because you will feel that you are making an appointment with yourself to ensure you keep your body healthy. Scheduled activities place a better sense of responsibility on the participant, which is why adults often set appointments for important events.

In these trying times, it is highly recommended to keep a healthy mind and body, so we can better adjust to the stress and uncertainty around us. By staying active and getting proper nutrition, you are equipping yourself with a stronger body to combat life’s challenges.

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