Popular Fitness Activities for Men: Lockdown? No Problem

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Most men will understand the worth of a good day’s exercise. Some may even have their own favorites among the many repetitions and cycles of each exercise program. There are those who live for circuit training, while others want to participate in different fitness trends.

Men and women are strong like that. While some women will brave going through postpartum care, men will also be there right beside them, providing strength. It will even be easier if they’re fit and in good health, and exercising can help. This is also a great thing to focus on during the pandemic; with a fit and active body, your immune system can help fight off infections better than if you don’t have the right exercise.

While everyone may have their own favorites, there remain workouts that have stood the test of time. These have been made and re-imagined in gyms and by individuals, but the basics remain the same. Add these to your workouts to get the most out of your gym time.

The Favorite: Dead Lift


It’s called the “king of all exercises” because, when in the gym, it targets all major muscle groups. This exercise is perhaps a true test of your strength if ever there is one. Such a workout also has a lot of benefits for the body, simply because of the effort involved to lift.

When all the muscles work at the same time, it releases a significant amount of testosterone (the hormone needed by the muscle to become built and sculpted) into the bloodstream with regular exercise. It’s one of the many reasons why people who want a sculpted body do deadlifts.

This is one of the many reasons why the deadlift is always part of a fitness plan, but there are other exercises to include.

Another Favorite: Back Squats

This might look like it’s a favorite among girls for some reasons, but the barbell back squat is a fundamental part of any workout. This one serves to target the major muscle groups as well as the legs and is much recommended when you’re on your ‘leg days’.

This is an exercise that athletes also love. Some will attribute their higher jumps and faster sprints because they didn’t “skip their leg days.” As they keep increasing their leg strength, the results show in their games and in their wins.

A Classic: The Bench Press

This is a staple in every gym frequented by people who love hitting the weights. Sometimes, you’ll hear friends rib each other and ask, “how much do you bench?” It’s a test of strength, but more than that, it’s the best exercise if you want well-defined pectorals and sculpted arms.

The shoulders and the triceps are also affected by this exercise and the end goal is to create a well-defined upper physique that’s visible, even with a shirt on. With adequate weight building, your body should start showing signs of this. You’ll also start seeing this in the mirror if you’re doing your weightlifting right.

For the COVID Restricted: Socially-Distant Exercise

If you’ve been suddenly restricted because of the coronavirus, you should start finding an exercise that allows you to put in some work without going to the gym. You have to do cardio and strength exercises equal to what you’re used to. This should maintain your physical health, as well as give you reprieve from the pandemic.

If you’re doing it in the comfort of your home, you can forego the use of masks. Be sure to keep yourself from others. Find an area in your home that’s not in the way, so that you can continue to exercise while maintaining your distance.

For Returnees: Light Cardio and Strength Training

The pandemic came suddenly that a lot of people found themselves scrambling back to exercise. There are those that only found time to exercise right now, and they might have had all kinds of underlying conditions during the time they’ve neglected working out.

It’s important to deal with this as soon as possible because of the risks involved with COVID-19 and people with underlying diseases. Aside from that, your return to exercise may be a bit trickier.

You should consult with your physician first before undertaking any physical activity. If you’re cleared for workouts, you should start light — something that you can do consistently. It’s important to build a routine as you get back to working out.

There are many reasons to exercise during the pandemic, but the most important is making use of the time you’ve been given. Even after the pandemic, getting back to a fit lifestyle is important.

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