Managing Asthma: How to Asthma-Proof Your Home

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is a condition that induces coughing fits, wheezing, and shortness of breath. These symptoms can be triggered by various factors, such as exercise, irritants, or allergens. The condition cannot, unfortunately, be cured, but its symptoms can be managed. If you or anyone you know have asthma, here are some easy things you can do to ensure that your home does not have any of the common triggers that cause asthma flare-ups.

Clean your air ducts

Indoor air is filled with tiny dust particles made up of anything from pet dander, pollen, and dust mites. These allergens tend to accumulate in your air duct system. Once it enters the system, it is then cycled back into your home’s air. You should regularly have these cleaned out to reduce the presence of these allergens in the air. You can either do it yourself, but it’s recommended that you hire professionals who can clean it for you. You’ll have no trouble finding a place that offers air duct cleaning services in Sacramento, as there are tons of them to choose from.

Keep an eye on air quality and pollen levels

Get yourself an air quality monitor so that you can monitor the levels of dust, allergens, chemical pollutants, and humidity in your home. The reports that you get from this monitor will let you know exactly which triggers are most present in your home, so you can take appropriate actions to get rid of it efficiently.

Keep smoke out of your home

Smoke is one of the worst triggers for people with asthma. It may set off a number of severe asthma attacks that can increase in severity. If you have a fireplace in your home, make sure that your chimney is cleaned out and that your house is well ventilated. If you live with smokers, make sure they smoke outside of your home.

Use fragrance-free products

Products with excessively strong fragrances can not only trigger allergies, but they contain irritants that cause asthma attacks as well. Use fragrance-free cleaners, fresheners, detergents, and body products as much as possible.

Filter your air

air purifier

An air purifier is one of the most useful devices you can have in your home if you or your family members suffer from asthma. It rids the air around you of the most common asthma triggers. Make sure your purifier has a small particle or HEPA filter>.

Control any pest problem

Cockroaches and mice can leave residue and dirt that give rise to frequent asthma attacks. You can purchase inexpensive traps for both from the grocery or hardware store. You can also choose to hire a professional exterminator if you can afford to. Make sure to vacuum any carpeting and hard surfaces regularly to ensure that you remove any allergy-triggering residue that is left over.

Keep pets clean

It’s best that you don’t keep a pet that sheds fur and dander if you have asthma. However, if you already have a pet, there are two things you can do to make sure that they do not trigger asthma attacks. Firstly, do not allow pets to sleep on your bed. It would be best to isolate them to one corner of your house or away from your bedroom. Second, always keep them clean by giving them frequent baths.

While doctors may not be able to cure asthma, it is still possible for those who suffer from it to control it. Follow these simple tips so you can keep allergy symptoms at bay.

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