Retire in Style: Practical and Stylish Home Essentials for Seniors

senior citizens
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They say that life starts after 40, but with all the advances in technology and product design over the past couple of decades, even people well into their 80’s can still enjoy many of the things that ‘kids nowadays’ do!

But what about seniors with physical and mental limitations? Not to worry; scientists are hard at work developing products that address these concerns while helping the elderly maintain a high quality of life. Here are some of the best products for seniors to look into.

Anti-Slip Dinnerware

For seniors living with limited dexterity or mobility, everyday tasks become extra difficult. While some chores can be powered through, some activities, like putting away or setting dishes, can be dangerous if a plate slips and breaks into sharp pieces.

Enter anti-slip dinnerware. This type of dinnerware has a non-skid base that prevents slipping, but is also effective at preventing splashing or spilling. Taking it a step further, Google’s Lift Lab also created a special spoon that’s outfitted with a gyroscope to keep it stable. This product was designed specifically for seniors with Parkinson’s disease to help them eat without spilling their food.

Portable Tub

It might not seem difficult for young people, but getting in and out of bath tubs become both difficult and dangerous for seniors. Especially for elderly folks with special medical needs that require hydrotherapy, a bathtub becomes essential for their well-being. Unfortunately, not everyone has a bathtub in their bathroom, and installing one requires extensive remodeling and thousands of dollars.

Or does it? Portable tubs are now commercially available for seniors who require this specific tool, and is easy to install in bathrooms that may not have a tub in the first place. These tubs are designed to be easy for seniors to use, with built-in chairs and a walk-in feature that takes away the need to vault over it.


Tech for Seniors

Who says technology is a young man’s game? More and more companies are developing gadgets that are designed specifically for seniors to use. From smartphones and tablets, to regular landline phones and TV’s, many of today’s smart devices are being modified to fit the needs of the elderly.

For example, GrandPad is a smart tablet designed specifically for seniors: it doesn’t have complicated features and settings and it has large buttons as a default. This tablet also features an intuitive interface that is friendly towards seniors with limited vision, making it easier for them to tap on the right icons on the screen.

Adult Coloring Books

It might sound like something for kids, but adult coloring books are actually a very big hit with millennials and other middle-aged people. However, researchers are finding evidence that the simple activity of coloring in a book might help with seniors struggling with mental health issues.

Adult coloring books allow seniors to constantly ‘workout’ their brain, preventing or slowing mental deterioration. These books have also been known to reduce anxiety and depression levels, as the activities are designed to be as calming and relaxing as possible. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy adding a little color in their lives?

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