Securing Your Home Before a Vacation

Lock of door and knob
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You and your family finally have cleared all your schedules. You are off to a well-deserved vacation. You are anticipating all the beautiful moments in your destination. But as a practical homeowner, you must first bridle your excitement. The first order of the day is to make some adjustments to your home. These are for safety, cost efficiency, and peace of mind. What are some things that you should not forget before leaving for a vacation?

Secure All Possible Entryways

Make sure to close all doors and windows. You might have been putting off that garage door repair in Utah. Now is the time to do it. Closed doors and windows eliminate the possibility that a burglar can get through. Also, stray animals will have no entry point to your home. In case of rain, your home is safe from getting wet. Do not focus only on the main doors and windows on the first floor. Check even the doors and windows that are rarely used. Close garage doors properly.

Do Not Leave Unfinished Loads

Do not put off washing dirty dishes or finishing laundry loads until you get back from vacation. It would be anticlimactic to stress over with household chores after a relaxing time. Roll up your sleeves and tackle all chores before leaving for a vacation. If you are to be away for a long time, it is also best to check the contents of your refrigerator. If it is permissible to where you are going, you might bring a cooler with all your perishables so that they will not go to waste. Washing your dishes and doing your laundry will also help germs not to accumulate in your home. Remember to clean up before having fun.

Arrange for Your Mail

When you are away from home, your mail can pile up if you do not do something about it beforehand. You can suspend your mail for a time. Also, deliveries might come, and nobody will be there to receive them. For such cases, it is best to notify the delivery man. Put off having any parcels delivered to your home until a specified date. You can also do the same with your newspaper subscription. Nobody will enjoy the newspaper at home. Once you get back, chances are everything on them will be old news. Also, untouched mail and newspapers give ideas to burglars that nobody is at home.

Enlist Some Help

Worried about your plants? Or you might have pets that you cannot take along with you. If you have some pressing matters in your home, you can ask for help from a trustworthy friend or neighbor. Make sure that they are willing to do some errands for you. This will help you give peace of mind. Knowing that somebody is taking care of everything while you are away.

Keep It Low

Close up of garage door

You may be too excited and want to post every small detail of your vacation on your social media account. This is not a wise move, though. Criminals will have an idea that your home is currently unoccupied. Also, your settings might tip off people of your location. While you are eager to post “at the moment” posts, there are good reasons to hold off. So take some snapshots, enjoy the moments with your loved ones and post later.

Leaving a secure home translates to a more relaxed vacation. Make sure to make prior arrangements before leaving with your suitcases. Then you can sprawl and enjoy your time away from home.

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