Self-care Practices for the Modern Man

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There are two misconceptions about self-care. Most people believe that it is exclusive to women only. For a great number of people, self-care also is synonymous with self-indulgent activities. The truth is that self-care is for both genders. To add, it is not an activity that a person needs to do when they feel exhausted.

Self-care is a habit. It is a way of living. Self-care is a holistic approach to nurturing a person’s mind, body, and social connections. Learning how to care for oneself translates to a well-developed and happy individual. Men can find some inspiration here on how to look after themselves.

Give Time for Personal Growth

Men should not get stuck in the cycle of waking up, working, and sleeping. It is essential to find things that he is passionate about. Technology is a big help to get more knowledge. There are virtual conferences available with diverse content. One can listen to podcasts to learn more about topics that are of interest to him.

Engaging in non-work hobbies is also part of self-care. This is a man’s personal time to step away from job-related concerns and enjoy himself. There are many hobbies that a guy can try. Some famous examples are grilling, building and collecting toys, photography, among many others. When a man acquires more skills, he feels good about himself.

Look and Feel Your Best

Who says that females are the only gender that needs pamper time? Men also should treat themselves every once in a while. What is even more surprising is that the same things apply to both a man and a woman’s pamper routine.

Men also could enjoy deep massages, a manicure and pedicure, a facial, and a haircut. These things help them to relax and ease their tension. Men could also indulge themselves in fashionable articles of clothing. Shopping for clothes that would make them look good helps them to raise their confidence.

Know and Respect Your Limits

Society expects men to be providers. There is also a stigma that men should be reliable and steady as rocks. As such, men find themselves overworking themselves. Also, males find it hard to open up with their emotions.

These two practices are a toxic combination. Men should learn not to succumb to the hustle culture. Also, they should shed their stoic appearance. Learning about burnout signs can help men to hit the pause and refresh buttons. There are many ways to regain their balance. Some of these include indulging in restful sleep or doing yoga and meditation. Also, learning how to rest and open up can bring out a more productive and peaceful version of themselves.

Sweat It Out

Men are all about brawn. They thrive when they can prove their strength and masculinity. Choosing physical activities that will allow them to do this brings them joy. Aside from the natural high, physical activities are also good for one’s health.

Self-care for men means having the time to sweat their stress out. It could be through an exercise regimen such as lifting and stretching. Jogging is another famous example. They can also involve themselves in sports such as cycling or rock activities.

man running on a treadmill

Engage in Meaningful Connections

One aspect of self-care is the ability to maintain healthy relationships. Men need to spend time with their family and friends. This time should be full of opportunities for deeper interactions. Also, part of a men’s self-care is to choose to surround himself with like-minded people. When he does, he can feel supported with his plans and goals. Not being selective of the company he keeps can lead to his distraction.

More ways to form meaningful connections are to volunteer or find someone to mentor. It feels good for a man to find an avenue where he can share his time and knowledge with others.

Do Away with the Savior Complex

Men tend to have the savior complex. In reality, no one benefits from this state of mind. The one having this thinking will soon feel exhausted and burned out. People around him that he is trying to “save” will soon resent him.

Thus, it is vital to recognize the signs of this way of thinking. Self-compassion is the highest form of self-care. By knowing that he cannot have the answers all the time, a man can learn to relax and let go of control. Also, he would develop healthier relationships around him.

Self-care is not an emergency act to save oneself from burnout and exhaustion. It is a set of deliberate actions that contribute to the wholeness and happiness of a person. This is regardless of gender. Thus, men should invest their time in some self-love.


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