Snowboarding Necessities: What You Need for This Sport

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If you’re thinking about getting into snowboarding and trying to make those Tricky games a reality, it’s crucial to have the proper gear so that you are safe and comfortable enough to pull off those moves. When listing all the things you need to get, it’s helpful to know these three categories.

The Right Fit

Your outfit goes beyond looking cool and being able to beat the cold. Don’t scrimp on your helmet because this could save your life, especially if you are boarding into a high slope or a dense area that could cause a collision.

Then, you have to think about your clothing. Because you’ll still be engaging in physical activity, the fabric you choose must be breathable. Getting a piece of gear like the Arcteryx sabre jacket can be a great option for those who need the mobility but don’t want to sacrifice the insulation that can be provided by the right fabric and build. Checking through your outerwear, you should note if it can withstand getting wet or needing more ventilation when you’re in the snow.

Next, your boots need to fit you just right. If you’re getting into snowboarding fresh, now is the time to know that you need to have specific boots to wear for the activity, even if you don’t plan on pursuing it as a sport. These help you maneuver and balance your board. It’s also important to note the type of boarding you plan on doing. Alpine snowboarding requires hard plastic boots as opposed to other softer options.

The Right Layers

Now that you’ve got all the fabric layers covered on your body, you need to think about the most important attachment to get anything done – your board.

First of all, there are different types of the board to cater to the variations of boarding that are available to people. Learn if you’re going to go backcountry, freestyle, or alpine so that you can figure out the type you need.


Then, make sure you can pick your base and layers correctly. The base of the board can be sintered or protruded, and there are outer layers that can be made of different materials based on your style and preference.

It’s good to know what you have a feel for so that you know which boards you’re comfortable with, especially when trying to achieve specific things. Whether you’re buying, building, or renting, noting these can help you get the best ride.

The Right Bindings

Now, the crucial bit that connects you to your board is the bindings. You can choose between a strap-in and step-in or go for a hybrid. To effectively control your board and maintain your momentum, it’s important to have good, stable, and well-fitting bindings.

Each style offers different levels of stability and flexibility, so it all falls on your comfort level and what you are trying to accomplish. Whichever one you choose is a matter of preference, more so than skill level, but what you can’t do is opt not to use one. Doing this puts you and others around you at a lot of risks, and even recreational riding that is less effort will require you to make use of these.

Snowboarding is a lot of fun and can create unforgettable experiences, as long as aspiring snowboarders use the right equipment to make the most of it. When you equip yourself right, you can go off to the slopes of Cervinia to the vast terrain of Snowbird.

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