Spiritual Jewelry: The Effects of Wearing Jewelry in Your Spiritual Practice

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Since ancient history, people wore decorative ornaments for spiritual and healing practices. Aside from traditional value and aesthetic appeal, wearing jewelry symbolizes spiritual significance and protects the body from negative energy. Ancestors also believe that jewelry can absorb divine consciousness and achieve spiritual healing.

Today, jewelry has become a significant element in modern society. People who practice meditation techniques believe that wearing jewelry endows the individual with the power of divinity. They also recognize that jewelry can provide physical healing and power to establish balance in human compassion.

From sacred animals, gold zodiac necklaces, to vital energy bracelets, each comes with certain meanings and infuses the wearer’s life with positivity, balance, and abundance. If you want to achieve personal empowerment, you may want to know the benefits of wearing jewelry pieces for your meditative practices. Keep reading below as we list down the wonders of spiritual jewelry for the mind, body, and spirit.

Jewelry helps manifest desires

Jewelry provides a powerful force that helps manifest dreams and goals. One example are magical talismans programmed with positive energy to achieve a certain intention when worn. But before buying or transforming any jewel into a magical talisman, make sure to decide the type of spiritual energy you want to activate.

If you want to infuse positivity and good health into your life, a perfect fit is a ruby necklace infused with prosperity, happiness, and health. As you wear the necklace, it will remind you of your intention and attract those qualities into your life.

A great tip is to cleanse jewelry with energy before infusing it with your intention. When doing this, make sure the materials are appropriate for the cleansing method. Here are safe cleansing techniques for most jewelry types.

  • Smudging – This technique involves burning herbs or leaves, such as cedar, sage, or palo santo. When burning plant material, allow the jewelry to absorb herbal smoke.
  • Lunar energy – During a full moon, leave the jewelry on the windowsill to absorb and capture the moon’s lunar energy.
  • Visualization – You will need a spirit guide to carry out this technique. The ritual involves imagining a white light hovering over your jewelry as it cleanses all energy debris.

Once you’re done cleansing, enchant the jewelry by holding the piece by your heart and start speaking about your desires. While wearing the jewelry, be wary of the synchronicities that align according to your intentions.

Jewelry is a great form of self-expression

Since ancient times, many people combine the power of jewelry and body adornment to express their individuality or the group they belong to. How people adorn themselves can make them feel they are one of a kind or a part of the community. While we are all unique individuals, jewelry makes us feel we are part of a family, neighborhood, or group we share interests with.

Since our body serves as our sacred space, they become spirit vessels as we enrich our life with human experiences. When we adorn our bodies with jewelry, it allows us to direct the energy and grow into something we want to become.

One example are people who used tattoos as body adornment that comes with intricate and colorful designs. In ancient tribes, having tattoos tie them to a specific community, group, or belief. They also wear pendants with religious symbols to connect them to a deity, leader, or any higher power.

Today, artists and Hollywood actors turn to diamond or gold jewelry whenever they walk along the red carpet. These elegant pieces become a symbol of glamour, beauty, and wealth. If you want to express your individuality, custom jewelry is a great way to showcase your jewelry skills and personality.

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Jewelry connects us to our memories

Commemorative jewelry is a powerful strategy to connect to our loved ones or transport to our favorite places with a personal significance. As we strive to uplift and enhance our spirits, we need to commemorate special moments in our lives, where we reached a certain goal or survived a major obstacle. Wearing jewelry will help us celebrate those feats.

A popular example are sports teams that celebrate victories with matching commemorative rings. These jewelry pieces remind and acknowledge our dedication, hard work, and significant milestones in our life journey. In fact, any type of jewelry can be a commemorative piece once you have assigned a special meaning, or it comes with a sentimental value.

Every jewelry comes with various meanings, symbols, or memories. Each piece becomes a new opportunity where we can showcase our unique personality and attract positive vibrations. If you want to start your spiritual journey, you may want to create your own jewelry piece for everyday wear.

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