Seven Things All Men Must Have in Their Garages

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A garage should be more than a place where you store your stuff. It’s a man’s world. Your wife, mother, and sister will try to get you away as far as possible from the idea of designing the house’s interior. The women of the house are the ones responsible for the design of the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Your only role is to maybe fix the basement and the garage. At least, in those rooms, they let you do your thing.

So since the garage is yours and yours alone (unless your wife suddenly wants to turn it into a home office), it’s best to maximize its function. You can have a little home gym there, as well as a tiny home office in the corner, a workspace, and a large storage area where you can display all your tools. It’ll be your man cave, only that you should try to put everything there already because that’s all the space you’re going to have in your home.

1. Good Light Source

Garages tend to be dark and dingy. That shouldn’t be the case for your garage. Make sure that your space has a good light source. Whether it’s a small window to let the sunlight in or a couple of bright fluorescent lights, this is an important feature of your little workspace. Chances are you’re going to spend time in the garage tinkering with your car, motorcycle, or other experiments. You need a good light source for whatever project you’ll come up with.

2. First Aid Kits

first aid kit

You should always have a first aid kit in your garage. Sometimes, the first aid kit might be too bulky for your bathroom, so you can just store it in the garage, where there is more space. How do you build this kit? Check out the supplies available from Elite Medical Supply. If you are always getting into accidents that result in injuries, you might as well have a wheelchair and walking canes available. You can also get back and knee braces if you’re into different sports or if your work involves laborious jobs that can hurt physically.

3. Workbench

A workbench is nice to have if you like doing small home projects such as building a coffee table, a pantry cabinet, and any other ones of those small home furniture. If you don’t want to get a workbench, find an old table that you can put in one corner of the garage. There, you can make all sorts of projects. If space is a problem, find a foldable workbench that you can put against the wall when not in use.

4. Power Tools


What power tools should men have in the garage? At the very least, a nail gun is always nice to have so you don’t have to exert too much effort on your wood projects. A drill/driver is also a must, as well as a sander, rotary tool, jigsaw, and cordless screwdriver. These are the most basic power tools you should have in the garage. Make sure these are properly stored so kids won’t think these are their toy guns.

5. Fire Extinguisher

Another important thing to have is a fire extinguisher. While most homes are equipped with water sprinklers and smoke detectors, a fire extinguisher is nice to have for small fires. Since the garage contains powerful tools, gasoline, and other sources of electrical energy, small fires are a common occurrence. However, make sure to check the expiration date of the fire extinguisher as it usually only lasts between two and three years.

6. Tool Chest

It’s not just power tools that you need in the garage. You need a tool chest, too, for those minor fixes such as changing the light bulb and fixing a broken cabinet door. The chest is usually made of steel filled with screwdrivers, Philipps’s drivers, nails, pliers, and other small tools.

7. Stepladder

Odd jobs around the house will require you to have a stepladder. What if you need to fix a hole in the roof? How about changing the lightbulb? You will need a ladder for those jobs. A six-foot ladder is all you need for these little tasks around the house. Most of these are adjustable and foldable, so they can easily fit in a corner in the garage.

The garage is a man’s world. At least, that’s what you would normally see in households. Make sure the garage is organized according to what makes sense for the space and the stuff you have there. If there’s a dedicated space for everything, you shouldn’t have to worry about it being a mess.

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