Why Do Men Avoid Going to the Doctor for Checkups?

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Several studies have pointed out one disconcerting fact if you’re a man: men die earlier than women around the world, and they’re likely to die from eight out of the top 10 causes of death in the United States. They are also more likely to smoke and drink excessively, which develops into medical complications when they are in their 40s to 50s. And yet, surveys also showed that men are less likely to visit the doctor. In fact, they avoid going to the doctor as much as they can. They’re even more comfortable doing household chores such as cleaning the bathroom rather than go to their primary physicians.

The survey found out that two-thirds of the respondents try to avoid seeing their doctors as much as possible. More than 37% admitted that they withheld information from their doctors while 20% said they weren’t always honest about their health. These are alarming figures because doctors cannot diagnose a medical condition properly if the patients are not being honest with them.

What causes men to act this way about their health? Women, on the other hand, are more careful about their health. They visit the doctor regularly because they were introduced to the concept early in their lives, experts said. Women had to visit their gynecologists when they’re in their teens. Men, meanwhile, will only start seeing their doctors when they’re in their 30s. But that means missing out on critical health intervention for their whole 20s.

Superhero Complex

Imagine how the burly men in your life will react to seeing a nurse start to fix the MEDRAD CTP-200-FLS by their bedside. Once the needle starts to trickle in the medication in the tube, men will feel that they’re somehow reliant on these medicines now. This isn’t the way men are wired. They are programmed to believe that nothing can “touch” them physically. Society tells them to be strong. They should be invincible.

Most men see themselves as needing to be the “man of the house.” They should always be strong and indestructible. When they go to the doctor, they see that as weakness. Why should they heed someone else’s medical advice when they feel good about themselves? It’s not until later when they’re suffering from serious pain, that they will consider seeing a doctor.

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There is an irrational fear emanating from men about being in clinics and hospitals. Women feel this, too, but they are more concerned about addressing the matter than trying to avoid it. Men don’t like to hear a bad diagnosis or bad outcome. When they see their doctors, they feel that they are going to hear some bad news. Men have always tried to walk away from complicated feelings and situations. They aren’t as in tune with their feelings as women are, so they try to avoid these situations whenever they can.

A separate survey said that men are aware that they have to see a doctor. However, they also admitted to deliberately not going to the doctor because they are not ready to face a troubling diagnosis. Some also said they don’t want to be judged since some physicians tend to be a little judgmental of their patients.


Older men will start to experience erectile dysfunction. This is a no-no for men as they feel their machoism is being taken away from them. Vulnerability sucks for women, too, but they don’t make it out as much as a problem as men do. Men would rather not see a doctor than talk about problems with their sex organs. They feel vulnerable enough to discuss health matters with their physicians, but to admit to erectile dysfunction? It will take them a long time to reconcile that idea.

Dangers of This Behavior

The consequences of not being honest to your doctors, of not seeing doctors, and of withholding information from doctors are dire, medical experts said. Late diagnosis makes situations and conditions worse. Nothing good will come out of avoiding the bad news. Cancer cells won’t stop multiplying if you try to avoid them. They’re just going to get worse than they already are. Detecting those early warning signs will make a huge difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Understandably, going to the doctors and facing bad news is hard. It feels like your insides are being turned into mush. You feel like vomiting. Anxiety happens to the best of people when talking about their health problems. However, if you don’t tough it up, you risk losing precious time with your family. You are not giving yourself a fighting chance.

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