Expensive Sports: Why People Splurge on High-end Ones

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Each year, we can see families traveling, so they can enjoy their favorite sport. For some, it is going up to the snowy mountains to go skiing and wakeboarding. Others would buy memberships to golf clubs. Some also enjoy fencing, pistol shooting, and playing tennis.

The rich undoubtedly can afford it no matter the sports they lay their eyes on. But most people have to save up enough cash to be a member of the club and buy the necessary gear and equipment to play. But the question is, are these sports worth the money?

Why Some Sports Are More Expensive

Regular sports may be just as fun as the more expensive sports. But for some reason, people are willing to shed their hard-earned cash to experience luxurious sports. This is even if they have no plans on becoming an athlete of the same sport.

Some sports cost more before you can even have access to them. For some organized youth sports, there are many expenses included before one even gets to experience the sport. This can consist of the training camp fees, equipment, uniform, coaching, and other costs aside from the enrollment fees.

Unlike sandlot sports, some sports are more organized, require more equipment, and are held in particular areas. The more gears and equipment needed, the more expensive the sports get. Some can go for a few hundred bucks, while others can go up to a few thousand depending on the sport.

Take skiing, for example. Not many people live in snowy mountains where they can safely go on skiing. Your regular winter clothes are not enough to protect you from the cold while gliding in the snowy mountains.

Most people need to travel many hours to get to a ski resort. Aside from the accommodations and food, they would rent the necessary equipment if they are not bringing their own. Families usually spend an average of $2,500 to $3,000 during most ski holidays.

Don’t forget about each member’s skiing gear. One needs to wear multiple gears to make sure they don’t freeze while enjoying a day of skiing. One can choose from different brands like Arcteryx for ski pants, jackets, vests, etc.

Why Some People Like Expensive Sports

There is a reason why many people find joy in splurging expensive things like sports. For one, some people believe the more expensive one thing is, the better the experience. One’s enjoyment of higher-priced products or experiences often shows increased activity in our part of the brain associated with motivation and reward.

Many of us reward our hard work with a treat. For some people, this could mean enjoying their favorite high-end sport whenever they can. This is one reason many families go on a ski trip during the holidays.

This is even if many families need to save enough cash to be able to afford the trip. They are willing to use some of their savings to treat the family with a few days’ worth of activity, even if they can’t typically afford this. They use this time to bring the family closer together while letting all members enjoy the sport they like.

This is not to say that the more expensive the sport is, the better the outcome. Some people find more joy in playing cheaper sports. This usually boils down to one’s preferences and interests.

Some studies show humans have a natural tendency to seek authenticity. The memories and feelings associated with the experience are one thing many people are after. This is why some people would rather spend money on the real deal than treat themselves with the alternatives.

What the Experts Have to Say

According to Harvard Business professor Michael Norton, many people are underspending on what makes them happy. The amount of money you spend depends on the amount of happiness you can buy. One can gain more pleasure by investing in experience they enjoy doing, even if that includes expensive sports.

This is not to say that you should already splurge on the more expensive things. Just because most people experience more pleasure in more expensive experiences, you should already do the same. Unless you have the budget, it is best to strike a balance.

One’s search for the ultimate sports experience may be costly. But in most cases, it can be worth it. If this can make you happier, stronger, healthier, and closer to the family, and you can budget your time and money well, then the luxurious experience can be a worthy splurge.

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