4 Fire Hazards to Watch Out for at Home

burning house
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There are a lot of things that can easily catch fire inside the house. If you fail to keep an eye on your belongings, one of them might end up burning your property. Sometimes, curious children can also cause an accidental fire. You must be aware of the fire hazards inside your house if you want to avoid such a disastrous event. Here are a few household items you must always keep under supervision if you want to make your shelter a safer place:


Smoking is already dangerous to a person’s health. However, it can also be a threat to your physical safety. Lit cigarettes have no place inside your home. Homeowners who have smoking habits might be tempted to smoke inside their bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms. Tissues, papers, and bedsheets can catch fire from cigarettes. You will manage to escape with a burnt spot on your household items if you notice the lit cigarette early. However, you might end up starting a fire if you leave it unsupervised. Consider taking your smoking habits outside of the house. You must also try to stop the vice altogether to help maintain your health.


Curtains alone cannot start a fire inside the house, which is why a lot of people overlook its threat. Curtains are objects that are near to pieces of furniture with flat surfaces. You might use the furniture to place hazardous objects like a hair iron or a candle. The curtains are also close to electrical outlets, which could burst into flames when plugged with faulty equipment. The curtains might not pose an immediate threat to fire, but it will be easy for the flame to consume this household item. Curtains are often made of long fabric, which could spread the fire quickly inside your home. You should consider putting flammable objects away from the curtains.

Washing Machine

washing machineThe washing machine is almost always full of water, which might give you the idea that it poses no threat to starting a fire. However, you will fail to notice that the hazard is at the dryer vent. Lint, a flammable object, will remain stuck inside the appliance. If a small spark or flame ignites, the accumulation of particles will end up getting caught on fire. You will not be able to determine how fast the fire can spread from the washing machine, which makes it crucial for you to keep the appliance clean. Consider hiring a company that provides dryer vent cleaning in Salt Lake City or anywhere in Utah to be safe.

Electrical Wiring

There are a lot of unnoticeable risks of starting a fire inside your house. However, there will be a few that should already alarm you. Your appliances run on electricity, which is a conductor of fire. If your electrical wirings are already showing signs of damage, you should consider sealing them safely. Exposed wirings can electrocute a curious child as well. If you want to avoid risking a fire inside your house, you must inspect all your equipment and appliances for faulty wiring.

The house will never be safe from a fire because of numerous hazards. However, you will be able to avoid the disastrous event if you always keep an eye on the risky items. Constant supervision will help prevent a fire or at least give you a way to keep it from spreading.

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