5 Hacks to Relieve Body Pain

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Having body pain or aches is not at all a very pleasant experience. It’s hard to go on with our normal, day to day activities when a slight movement can cause tremendous pain.

Whenever you feel pain in a certain part of your body, you should address it immediately. There are a lot of remedies like going to the doctor, taking a pain killer, or enlisting chiropractic services in Salt Lake City.

But if you don’t have the luxury of time for these measures, there are easy and quick remedies to soothe body pain.

Rub ice between your fingers

Our hands are more than just for gripping and holding things. In fact, they contain sensitive nerve endings that connect to other parts of the body. For example, dental scientists found that hitting the pressure point between your thumb and index figure can help relieve toothache.

Acupressure is a quick way to respond to body pain. You don’t have to know all the rules and science behind it. An easy trick is to grab a cube of ice and rub it in between your fingers. This will enable you to hit the pressure point that will soothe pain in a particular part of your body.

Think happy thoughts

This seems a little cliché, but it’s actually backed by science and research. The brain is a very powerful part of the body, which can control all your nerves and muscles.

Whenever you experience pain, put your brain powers to work. Think of happy, pain-free memories. This will help turn your attention towards your thoughts and away from physical sensations.


You probably read that with a lot of confusion. But it’s a really effective way to help you bear body pain. Pediatricians use this trick all the time. Whenever a child is about to have a vaccination, the doctor would ask them to cough.

Studies have found that this method resulted in children feeling less pain when being injected. It turns their attention away from the prick of the needle. Instead, the cough distracts them and they focus on the sensation of coughing.


Whenever we feel an ache or sudden jolt of pain in any part of our bodies, it’s a natural reaction to stop and massage the painful part. We do this as a way of investigating where the pain is coming from.

Massaging the particular area also does a great job of relieving the pain. It helps reduce the tension and soreness in the spot, therefore alleviating the undesirable and painful sensation.

Keep moving

There have probably been times when you felt a slight pain on your hips and started moving it in a circular motion. That’s actually an effective strategy to help ease the pain. Dr. Stephen Sayers, Ph.D., a physical therapy professor, says that activating a sore muscle is better than resting it.

When you continue moving the part of your body that’s painful, you’re aiding blood flow in that particular area. When this happens, inflammation is reduced in the muscles, allowing it to heal.

So the next time you feel a body ache during jogging, you might want to keep going at a slower pace until the pain subsides.

Body aches and pains are common occurrences. More often than not, these tricks can help dull the pain. But if you’ve done what you can and you still feel an overwhelming pain, it’s probably time to visit your doctor.

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