Backyard Gym Checklist: Create the Perfect Workout Space

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From sore back to rigid knees, there are countless signs your body is telling you to exercise. With most of our time now spent indoors, body aches due to a lack of physical activities are likely to occur. No wonder home workout spaces are on the rise. With gyms closed and everything clumsily shoved indoors, every available space is now reserved for health and fitness, especially the backyard.

Fitness at the Backyard

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the typical home arrangement. Kitchens aren’t just for cooking. Living rooms aren’t just for welcoming guests. Likewise, backyards aren’t just for car sheds and pool structures.

As people try to make the most out of their available space to accommodate their day-to-day activities, each area in the house adopted dual and even triple functions. Kitchens became art studios. Living rooms became offices. And, backyards became spaces to do anything else, including workout routines.

With most of us stuck indoors, the little space outside our door became an instant oasis. Since yards promise open space, fresh air, and scenic views, they were quick to become the ideal place to set up a workout area.

Backyard Gym Checklist: What You Need to Set up One

If you’re up to set up your own backyard gym, there are a few things you need to do and get. Unlike other home additions, gyms don’t require many items and features. For a smooth start, here’s a list of the ideal outdoor home gym essentials. Read on.

1. Create a shed

The first one you need to do is to secure a space for your fitness routines. And by space, this means a sheltered space. Surely, you’ll not want to lift boulders or squat under the harsh heat. And, you don’t want the heavy rain to disrupt your fitness regimen either.

The best solution is to build a shed in your backyard. If you already have a garden structure, such as a pavilion or a pergola, you can easily refashion them to become your outdoor gym. You can also put up a tent or a canopy.

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2. Provide the perfect flooring

Aside from shades, flooring is also an important part of your outdoor gym. Since you’re likely to jump, run, and stand still while lifting heavy weights, you’ll want to secure your floor isn’t slippery or sensitive to scratch and heavy impacts.

Typically, rubber is the first choice for gyms and fitness studios. It’s slip-resistant and fall-resistant. It can also withstand high-impact movements. But if you want cheaper alternatives, you can turn to vinyl, foam mats, and even outdoor carpets. You can cover your original wood or concrete flooring with these materials and push through with your workout.

3. Secure privacy

Letting your exercise area be open and visible for the whole world to see can make you uncomfortable. This will naturally affect your performance and commitment. A bit of privacy will allow you to focus on your routines without the worries of being preyed upon by uninvited eyes.

Composite fence panels are perfect shields against neighbors and strangers. They also help give your yard a natural appeal. You can also get retractable backyard dividers and screens online.

4. Get an outdoor exercise bench

An exercise bench is considered essential among fitness enthusiasts. Depending on your routine, you can go for a flat bench, an adjustable bench, or an abdominal bench. Among the common exercises you can do using this equipment include bench press, incline bicep curl, and even incline crunches.

You can easily get outdoor exercise benches online. Unlike the typical type, these products come without a soft backrest. They are also rust-resistant and UV-protected.

5. Ready the speaker

Of course, you’ll need the motivation to stay true to your fitness routine. Adding music is a key to stay motivated. With music around, you can boost your mood and enjoy your sweat sessions. Various studies also attest that listening to happy songs gives you something to focus on and lets you pay less attention to your body aches.

A good Bluetooth speaker is generally the best option. But if you want to invest in a permanent outdoor gym and have nice roofing, you can go for in-ceiling speakers. The latter will allow you to enjoy a better sound quality and save space at the same time.

Is your body starting to ache after months of staying at home? It’s time to get physical and get moving. Create the ideal backyard gym with this checklist and fill it with your list of favorite workout equipment items.

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