4 Places in Your House That Can Be Converted Into Storage Space

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It’s only natural to have lots of stuff that you’ve accumulated through the years. However, one problem that’s holding you down is the number of tools, gadgets, books, shoes, jackets, and sports gear that you have. You just don’t have enough space for all of them!

If you look around your house and yard, you’ll find lots of spots that are under-used. If you’re looking for extra storage space, you can use all those spots!

But it’s not about just stashing your stuff in those spots. You need to convert them into organized storage space. In today’s article, know what places around your house that can be turned into additional storage space.

Make Some Extra Space in Your Shed

This is a no-brainer. Considering sheds are mainly used for outdoor storage where gardening tools, planters, and other yard stuff are kept, it must have never crossed your mind that you could still use it as your own storage space. Well, it can be.

All you have to do is make it more look sturdy and organized. Remove all the clutter. Take advantage of the wall space. Add in some storage system, and put in all those stuff that used to be there.

Create a separate area for your stuff. Use a shelving system to organize your things, too. An adjustable shelving unit will be perfect for this purpose. Often, this type of storage system is used in the garage, but you can also use it in your shed.

Adjustable shelving units are great for your shed because you will put your stuff in there together with your gardening tools. They are of different sizes. If you use adjustable shelves, you can customize the size of each shelf. It can accommodate any size of literally anything.

Take Advantage of the Space Under the Stairs

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One of the most under-used spots in the house is under the stairs. The tiny house movement has learned to maximize this space, but not the ordinary urban-dwelling homeowners. Follow the tiny house movement’s lead and use the spandrel. Yup, that’s what the space under the stairs is called.

Typically, spandrels are used as extra closet space. But you can use it to keep your stuff. And because the space is somewhat limited, you can install sliding shelves or drawers instead of full closet doors.

Use the spandrel to store your hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, and winter gear. It’s also a great storage space for boots and other vertical stuff you have, such as sports equipment like golf clubs and skis.

Convert the Space Under the Deck

Decks are often used as extra living spaces. It’s where everybody can relax and hang out. But did you know that you can convert the area under it into storage space? Some are even using it as an extra car garage.

However, this one is a little complicated to pull off. To make it efficient storage space, you should install under-deck drainage and electrical system. You’ll need the drainage system, so water will not accumulate inside your storage space. You’ll need an electrical system to keep it illuminated at night.

You can install these systems on your own. However, it would be best to hire a professional under-deck contractor to ensure the quality of the structure.

When your under-deck storage space is finished, you can organize shelves and storage systems inside to accommodate all your stuff.

What’s great about the under-deck storage is that it’s like the garage where you can use different storage systems. You can use garage hooks, bolt-less shelving units, multi-drawer plastic storage cabinets, and metal steel shelving units, wall-mounted storage organizers. For your bikes, use tiered shelving units or hook them up on a wall.

Above-cabinet Storage

Do you know the space between the ceiling and wall-mounted cabinets? It’s always empty! According to The Spruce, you can make use of that space.

The good thing about these spaces is that you don’t have to install or put up any shelving or storage systems. You can simply put stuff above there. Here’s an idea, why not books there? You can use it as an extra space for your books. Or you can put your sports memorabilia up there if they can fit.

Just avoid putting small things up there. They will only look like clutter. If you do, you can organize them into neat boxes (or baskets, whatever you like) and then slide them in there.


The key to making the most of your square footage is to keep your stuff organized. If you’re looking for extra space, don’t just toss your stuff in there. You don’t have to renovate your entire home to maximize your space; you just have to make an effort to keep your things clean and organized.

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