DIY Hacks to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars

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There are many inexpensive and practical do-it-yourself home security ideas to stop you from spending a fortune. Sure, a smart home security system is a welcome idea, but you do know that burglars and criminals have been able to bypass those security systems in the past, right? If you’re only relying on technology to keep your family safe, then you have no chance of beating burglars in their game. You must take it upon yourself to ensure your home’s and family’s safety.

These great do-it-yourself hacks are useful for every man of the house. All you need are the skills in hammering down screws and locks, and you’re good to go. So, go to the nearest hardware store and grab a toolbox. This little box has everything you need to do some DIY home security stuff.

Use Pin Locks on Windows

The double-latch locks on your windows are no match for an experienced burglar. Pin locks are a more practical and secure solution. All you have to do is drill a hole for the pin locks. If you want to secure the window even when it is partially opened, drill a second hole (this one should be a bit farther than the first hole).

Install Motion-detecting Lights

Motion-detecting lights can deter home crimes of all kinds. Burglars work at night and in the dark. If lights are opening suddenly every time they move, they’ll rethink about targeting your house. If you’ve installed lightbulbs in the past, then you can install these, too. They come cheap at only $10 to $15 each, so you’ll be securing your home without spending a fortune.

Secure Sheds and Fences with Tamper-proof Screws

Burglars will have the standard screwdriver with them to remove the screws on the hinges of your shed’s door. But if you can upgrade the hinges and screws with tamper-proof ones, then the burglars will have a harder time getting inside your house. You, of course, will need the special hardware and tools to screw and unscrew the hinges.

Boost your security by installing sturdy fences, such as Trex seclusions, as well. Not only does it look good, but it is eco-friendly and is robust and durable enough to keep burglars at bay. You can also secure the fence’s entry point with tamper-proof screws.

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Add a Door and Window Alarm

A simple sound alarm device for doors and windows is inexpensive. They’re also easy to install. In fact, since they are wireless, all you have to do is screw them near the doors and windows. It will make a sound when someone tries to get in without turning off the alarm after they open the door. Burglars hate noises, so a simple alarm will stop them from trying to get inside your house.

Install a Door Reinforcement Hardware

You are kidding yourself if you think a deadbolt will deter burglars. One kick on the door will open it up. Burglars don’t usually have the time to pick a lock. Besides, door locks have become sophisticated over the years, so burglars resort to kicking a door open. That’s why you need door reinforcement hardware to beef up the door and doorjamb.

You might also want to install a deadbolt protection device. This is a lock that slides over the deadbolt to keep it from turning. Amateur and professional burglars know how to pick a lock. Given enough time, that’s the easiest thing for them to do to get inside the house. However, if you have the deadbolt lock in place, this is another layer of protection to keep them from getting in.

Secure Patio Doors

One of the ways burglars get inside your home is through the sliding patio door. There are two ways to secure the sliding door. The first one is to install a foot lock that fastens to the bottom of the door. The bolt secures the sliding door enough that it’s not going to be easy for the burglars to pick the lock. The second way is to put a metal bar across the sliding door at night. If that is too unsightly, you can also use a wooden or metal handrail and put it across the roller tracks.

Get a Security Safe

Finally, invest in a security safe box that you can bolt to the wall or floor. There are many types of security boxes, with some adding biometrics and facial recognition features. Get the one that fits your budget. Store all valuable items there, including personal documents and files. This way, even if the burglars get inside your house, your valuables will be safe.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to secure your home. You just have to be smart and resourceful. Using whatever skills you have, you are making sure that your house is safe from burglars and criminals.

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