Continuing Self-Improvement at Home to Lower Health Risks

self improvement
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Gradually, the world is coming back to its normal movement. Shops are opening up, offices are scheduling the return of their employees, and even some countries are lowering their travel restrictions.

While these have all been a move to help the economy that was greatly affected by the isolation measures, they don’t mean we are back to normal. The health crisis itself has not abated despite the safety protocols in place. It is still best to be on guard and do things away from the crowds and public spaces.

You’ve probably exhausted the fun stuff you could do at home, worn out those board games, and probably even now have enough plants to start a botanical garden. We all know how stressful it had been to keep ourselves sane in our homes the past months. But finally, in this last quarter of the year, it means we have survived that stifling time, and we could last some more months.

Now, instead of looking for fun things to occupy you in isolation, why not use it to improve yourself and finally accomplish some of your life resolutions.

Work on your vices

Quitting smoking or getting rid of alcoholism could be tough when there’s too much temptation around. You see your colleagues at work smoking, or your friends might invite you for some drinks after work. Although at the end of the day it is your personal decision to give in to your peers or not, it is a big help if you aren’t subjected to these conflicting situations.

Ask your family to be supportive of your goal so that when your withdrawal symptoms manifest they would help you out. There are also alcohol detox programs offered online. You don’t need to leave the safety of your home. Start habits could help decrease your need for a smoke. If there are other members of your family who have similar vices, you could turn it into a challenge and reward yourselves when you’ve achieved your goals.

Achieve a fit body

It may not be advisable to go to the gym now to lessen contact with surfaces used by other people. But remember that exercise is not dependent on gym equipment. Back when treadmills and stationary bikes were not common, people knew how to jog in place, skip ropes, do some push-ups, and some bending. And there’s always Zumba to keep things varied.

Now is the perfect time to do exercises complemented with a nutritional change. Perhaps you were too reliant on your carbohydrates before to keep your energy going the whole day. You won’t have problems now with a change in your diet because you will mostly be staying at home.

It is also the best time to work on your skin health because you won’t be exposed to the free radicals you encounter in your commute or when you go out to go clubbing or have some drinks with friends.

Learn new skills

learning a new language

Yes, you’ve been doing this at the start of the pandemic. You enrolled in some online courses, did a lot of webinars, watched DIYs. Well, learning should be constant. Keep discovering skills to develop and topics you want to learn more of.

Learn about the art of rhetoric, how causal diagrams are understood or made, or how to do coding. If before you have been taking classes on topics you could use for your work, this time, learn something completely different from your field. Maybe you have some items on your bucket list that you never had the time to work on before like learning how to cure meat or how to make fruit wines. It should be easier now with shops opening up and you could easily access the materials or ingredients you need.

Reconnect with people and build relationships

If there’s anything that’s good about the isolation measures, it’s that people realized the human interactions that they’ve been taking for granted. Now that we are advised not to hug, not to kiss, not even to sit close to each other, we miss the connections. While we should still be cautious of physical contact, technology is allowing us to at least keep our communication lines alive. Spare a few hours every week to chat or do video calls with friends, to let them know that after all these months of not seeing each other you still remember them.

As movements are now freer, you could take advantage of this to occasionally break the monotonous view of your home and garden. But again, still, proceed with caution. There are yet so many things you could accomplish while keeping a safe distance from everyone.

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