Distracting Yourself from a Break-Up amid a Pandemic

Quarantine breakups
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Love in the time of quarantine must be interesting. Couples can’t see each other even though they’re in the same city. Interactions are limited to small screens, only enough to hear their voices and talk about their days. People can’t touch their partners and spend time with them in real life. In addition to this, people’s mental health is hanging by a thread, and some are having difficulties cultivating relationships.

These hardships can strain a person’s relationship. In the U.K., 23 percent of people reported pressure in their relationship because of lockdown. A break-up during the pandemic is challenging since the usual coping mechanisms, such as going on a trip, being surrounded by a support system, or partying all night, are impossible. As the holidays are approaching, and it’s getting cold, people may feel lonelier and sadder.

Why Are People Sadder When It’s Cold?

During the winter, people can get pretty sad. For some, it’s a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The culprit for triggering its symptoms is the lack of sunlight. It affects the circadian rhythm, putting off people’s body clocks and sleep-wake cycles. Lack of exposure to sunlight also affects the mood, as a bright environment increases the production of serotonin, the happy hormone.

People experiencing SAD may feel dejected, lack focus, insomnia, changes in appetite, and lose interest in the things they usually enjoy. Because of this, it could be harder to function when it’s cold, and people may want to mope.

Light therapy and consulting experts are the best ways to combat SAD. For people who can’t afford to do so, they can be normal people are distract themselves.

Clean the House

Through decluttering, cleaning lets go of the things that might have accumulated over the time of sulking. Maybe there has been a pile of laundry on the bathroom floor. It might have been such a huge pile, a person has forgotten they still own clothes other than a huge sweater. This is the time to let go of the things that reminds a person of their ex.

During the winter, snow can accumulate on the roof and the pavement. It can cause accidents, especially because it’s dangerous for cars to drive on. It can be too heavy for the roof to handle and might compromise the longevity of the materials.

Multi-tasking is the solution. Stuff the clothes in the washing machine and call snow plow services while cleaning the rest of the house. The tasks will be done in no time, and it can make a person feel like they’re starting a new life.

Start a New Project

People say that going through a break-up is reclaiming oneself. It’s tuning in to the part of themselves that they tucked away as a compromise for the relationship. Others also say that being single allows a person to have more time for themselves; thus, leading to more time for self-discovery.

The challenge, though, is to discover new things in the confines of one’s home. In quarantine, the extent of the project may be limited. This is where creativity, resourcefulness, or maybe just the internet can save the day. Here are fun, simple things to try:

  • Start a YouTube channel. It can be an outlet for video-editing interests or a shot at fame. You’ll never know where it can take you.
  • Learn choreography. Dancers look so cool and effortless when they do their thing. Trying out a choreography can let you in on their lives, especially their stamina.
  • Take a masterclass. These are some of the best things that the internet has blessed humanity. Sure, you might never meet your favorite author, actress, singer, etc., but you can learn from them via the internet.

Confront Your Feelings

man listening to music

The first step is denial, and that’s when people do whatever they can to distract themselves. They can clean the house until their hands are full of blisters. They can start a hundred projects at a time. Still, one can only scrub the toilet one too many times. One day, the seasons will change, and snow will stop filling the pavement.

Confrontation is saying, “Hey, come at me. I know you’re there.” and then sorting it out. Is it anger, fear, guilt, or disappointment? Maybe some events led to the break-up that’s contributing to the current state of your emotions.

During this time, a person is allowing themselves to feel their grief in its full glory. It’s one way to save oneself from resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms. In time, these feelings will fade, but it will be a gradual change. It’s okay to feel things.

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