Dos and Don’ts of Wallpaper Maintenance

Baby's room with wallpaper
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Wallpaper is an investment, and you wouldn’t want it to fade or tear after only a few months of installation. Wallpaper maintenance is something that many families forget to include in their cleaning schedule. When in fact, wallpaper gathers just as much dirt and dust that other furniture and fixtures in the house do, if not more.

Maintaining your wallpaper does not only keep it clean from dirt, but it also keeps the color or pattern from fading prematurely. Moreover, cleaning your wallpaper regularly will make it last longer, keeping the room looking bright and stylish for decades to come.

Dos of wallpaper maintenance

  1. Do know the type of wallpaper you have. Maintenance of different types of wallpapers may vary. For instance, vinyl wallpapers can be easily cleaned with water and a cloth, while fabric or paper-based wallpaper cannot be cleaned using wet or moist materials.
  2. Do use the right type of cleaning agent. Making a DIY cleaning solution for your wallpaper is simple. You can use water and a few drops of dish soap to remove most dirt and dust. For stains, you can use bleach to remove water and grease from the wallpaper (check with the manufacturer if it’s safe to use first).
  3. Do remove discoloration. Smudges, pencil marks, handprints, and other surface discoloration can be spot cleaned using an eraser or a soft piece of cloth.
  4. Do wipe vertically. Clean the wallpaper from top to bottom to avoid leaving streak marks.
  5. Do clean your wallpaper regularly. Since wallpaper can collect a lot of dust and grime, incorporate a wallpaper cleaning routine into your schedule at least once or twice a month.
  6. Do look out for small blemishes. Once in a while, scan your wallpaper from top to bottom to see if there are any peeling, holes, scuffs, or any signs of damage on your wallpaper. In this way, you can act quickly to repair the damage before it gets worse.

Don’ts of wallpaper maintenance

Bedroom with teal wallpaper

  1. Don’t use abrasive cleaning equipment. Never use abrasive material like mesh pads or nylon coated sponges to clean your wallpaper. This can easily destroy the wallpaper and cause permanent damage.
  2. Don’t over-wet the wallpaper. Doing this can introduce too much moisture in the wallpaper and cause water stains.
  3. Don’t use strong chemicals. Cleaners with strong chemicals can “burn” the wallpaper or make the colors fade.
  4. Don’t leave dirt, stains, or grime sit too long. Leaving excess dirt and stains on your wallpaper can make it harder to remove them later on.
  5. Don’t clean mold or mildew out of wallpaper. When you see mold or mildew on your wallpaper, it means that it’s on your wall as well. Instead of trying to clean the mold, remove the wallpaper and clean it off the wall.
  6. Don’t use too much dish soap. When creating a DIY cleaning solution for your wallpaper, avoid using too much soap. Adding too much soap can cause more dirt to stick to the walls.

When you buy wallpaper for your home, you want it to last for as long as possible. To achieve clean, flawless, and long-lasting wallpaper, follow these dos and don’ts for the next time you clean your walls.

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