Dream Garage: Upgrades to Make This 2021

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2020 has not been the best year for many, but not for the automotive industry. According to a study conducted by Deloitte in the last quarter of 2020, many consumers remained interested in new automotive technologies, especially in electric vehicles (EVs), despite the dwindling economy and even with the majority of the nation’s workforce working from home. This is a good thing for enthusiastic vehicle lovers because as long as consumers remain engaged, more manufacturers will continue to come up with new ideas and technologies that will make driving much easier, safer, and a more pleasant experience for everyone.

This 2021, vehicle enthusiasts would do well to explore trends and tech upgrades that will turn their dream garage into a reality. If you’re thinking of purchasing a more modern car this year, here are some garage updates that can help match your brand spanking new vehicle.

Hydraulic lift

If you’re going to spend the majority of your time fixing your car’s undercarriage in your garage, then it’s high time to consider investing in a hydraulic lift. A professional-grade one might set you back a bit financially, but if this is your passion and if you see yourself doing this for a long time, then it’s a worthy investment. Even an entry-level lift can help you rotate tires easily and quickly, replace the brake pads, and getting your vehicle high enough to do a quick lube oil and filter.

Upgraded security

If you own a luxury car or a vintage one that’s high in value, or if you have tools and parts that thieves can break in to steal, you may also consider upgrading your security system. This can involve hiring professionals to install aluminum fence panels, motion sensor lights, security cameras, and other tech upgrades to detect and ultimately deter break-ins.

Bathroom and kitchenette

Having a bathroom and a kitchenette installed into your garage may seem like too much of a luxury, but if you’re going to be fixing cars for hours on end, then they’re ideal additions. Garage work can be incredibly messy, and running back and forth to your house to use the restroom or grab a snack might be an inconvenience. Additionally, kitchenette cabinets can also serve as extra storage space for your tools and gadgets that you don’t use regularly.

garage exterior

Cooling and heating

It doesn’t matter if you live in a state where temperature changes are not as extreme; your health will still benefit greatly from having a heating and cooling system in your garage if you’re a grease monkey. Not only will it keep you comfortable while doing hours of work in your car, having a cooling and heating system in your garage will also allow you not to have to wait for your vehicle to cool down or heat up before you head out. At the same time, freezing temperatures are also harmful to the health of your car battery.

Organizational stations

If your garage space is not on the bigger side, you will need to find creative ways to optimize the available space. Setting up organizational stations can be key to this as it will allow you to make room for when you do some work and keep the tools you regularly use within easy reach.

Exhaust fan

If you do a lot of varnishing, sanding, welding, or working with chemicals in your garage, then you definitely need to consider installing an exhaust fan to get rid of harmful fumes, dust, and dander. These fans are usually placed in one of the exterior walls, and when powered up, they can suction out all the toxic fumes and airborne dust, ensuring your garage’s indoor air quality.

Wash and wax area

If one of your favorite activities is washing and waxing your vehicle, then having a station that’s specifically designed for this can be a helpful addition to your garage. A drain system and a water source are the most fundamental installations to this station. Having your own wash and wax area at home can help you keep your car looking spotless and shiny without having to do so in the driveway during scorching or freezing temperatures.

You don’t need to spend a lot to upgrade your garage this year, especially considering that we’re going through a tough pandemic season. You can save money by doing it one at a time instead of having them done in one go. Now more than ever, we need to find joys in our hobbies and healthy distractions to keep our minds healthy—and many of these upgrades will be good for your physical health and safety, too.

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