Facial Injuries that Can Cause Lasting Damage

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A lot of people can get really lazy with their regular car maintenance and checkups. Some seem to delay it because of the costs. Although it can appear harmless now because the vehicle is running fine, it can easily break down or malfunction when you least expect it. When that happens, you end up with many severe facial injuries that can permanently change the way you look.

The trauma of an accident can haunt you forever, and every day, you have to face the results of it. Even after surgery and treatment, some scars don’t fade and cause lasting damage. If you ever get the idea that car maintenance isn’t important, then remember that these injuries can happen to you or your loved ones.

Burned Skin

Although they don’t often happen, second or third-degree burns are still possible in car accidents. In a survey done in 2001, the National Automotive Sampling System (NASS) found that six percent suffered from moderate to severe burns. They are usually the result of fire from the crashes. However, some also get into contact with hot metal. Aside from that, hot steam from radiators can be a cause.

These kinds of injuries cause severe scarring that never really goes away. It often doesn’t heal on its own, so surgeries and skin grafting will be needed. The skin in that area might not be able to grow back, so grafting will close the area. If it reaches a fourth-degree burn, then even the muscles and nerves will be affected. More than just cosmetic effects, you might have difficulty feeling that side of your face.

Fractured Teeth

Another thing that can be hard to fix is broken teeth. The impact from a collision can cause teeth to be cracked or knocked out. There are two kinds of dental injuries from car accidents: direct and indirect. Direct can be caused by blunt force hitting you. Indirect can be from closing your mouth too hard.

One of the most common is an avulsed tooth or when the teeth completely fall out of their sockets. Normally, you can put it back in your teeth, albeit with much pain before that. What you do need to take note of, however, is the fact that the blood vessels and nerves will be damaged. Getting a root canal might be required. You have to be quick and see a dentist within two hours to have it attached.

Fracture teeth can also be repaired in an accident. Special adhesive will be used to attach it because otherwise, it can cause sensitivity or an infection. Despite this, fractured teeth can never truly heal. They can become sensitive, or the attached part might move with too much force.

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Ocular Trauma

Studies find that car accidents cause 9,200 eye injuries every year. Glass shards broken during a crash can get into someone’s eye and cause damage. In worst cases, this can even result in permanent loss of vision, but it is often temporary. For those that are always going fast, the effect can be more drastic. A forceful impact to the head can also cause a fracture to the ocular bone, affecting the eyes.

Airbags, despite their purpose, often cause injuries to the eyes as well. The most common of this is retinal detachment. This is the kind of injury that can cause blindness because the retina is responsible for sending images. It connects the eye to the brain, and a strong force can cause it to detach from your eyeballs. If you act fast, you can still salvage it, but it requires cryotherapy or laser treatment.

Less-serious injuries that could happen are scratches to your eyelids or cornea. It happens when dust or other small particles scratch up the outer layer of your eyes. However, these can be easily fixed when treated immediately.

Facial Fractures

The most prominent injuries that you can get are fractures on your face. A broken nose and a cracked jaw are two common facial fractures. Generally, these types of injuries can be put back into place. It will take months of healing, but nothing too severe. Things like sunken cheekbones, however, will cause permanent deformities.

Open fractures are another thing. When the bones start sticking out, surgery is a must. Torn tissues can also occur alongside a fracture. In this case, you need to undergo physical therapy to get proper movement back in a certain area. Lacerations also lead to permanent scarring when not stitched together properly.

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