Finding Good Places to Run During the Pandemic

man running
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Sure, people are going out. They have recently started going to the grocery and eating out with their friends. But other people are still wary about spending time outside their homes. For them, going to public places is still a no-no for fear that they will contract the virus. But what about the physical activities these people enjoy doing outside their homes? How can they remain fit and healthy if they are going to let themselves get stuck inside their homes?

Thankfully, the government never restricted going out for a jog or run. This is highly encouraged even during the height of the outbreak. Experts agree that the virus can’t live long in the open air. It is less viable, and there are fewer chances of virus transmission when people are outdoors. But these opinions didn’t stop people from worrying about how they can contract the virus while running outdoors. This means people are always on the lookout for good running places with fewer people.

Forget about the park for now. People will choose the park as the safest place to run because of the lack of vehicles that can side sweep them while they run on the sidewalk. The problem is that most people will think that way. And while the public park is generally a safe place to run, it’s not the most ideal if you want to avoid the crowds.

Look for Off-beat Paths

Does your town have a hilly slope somewhere? Not many runners will want to take on a slope because of the pressure it can put on their knees and legs. However, if you are an experienced runner, you can take this on with ease. It’s a nice place to run with your family, too. You can challenge yourself with more difficult terrain.

However, make sure that the pavement is made with asphalt because dirt roads and grass can make the slope slippery while concrete is too hard that it can cause injuries. According to runners and expert marathoners, you should start slow and easy so as not to put too much pressure on your knees. This is especially important if you weren’t able to get out of the house during the height of the pandemic.

Most marathons are on asphalt pavements. If you have any plans of joining a marathon after the pandemic, it’s best to pick this type of material for your practice runs. It’s a great way to break in your running skills, too.

man running

Pick the Right Time

When’s the perfect time to go running? A lot of people run early in the morning, so you may want to avoid that time. Depending on the weather where you live, you can go running at any time of the day. If it’s safe, prefer to run early in the evening when people are more likely staying at home already. As much as possible, avoid peak hours and places that will draw a crowd.

Wearing PPEs and Masks

Some public places will require you to wear a mask because runners expel breath faster as their hearts work harder. But in secluded places, you have more freedom to run mask-free and still avoid the risk of infection. Of course, it’s important to check the local ordinances and rules about wearing masks in public. If your local government states that you should wear a mask at all times, then follow it even if you’re in a secluded running path.

What should you wear when you run? Go with what you normally wear before. A good pair of running shoes is still a must, as well as a dry-fit shirt and shorts or pants. Depending on the weather, you may want to bundle up, so you don’t get too cold once you start to run.

When it comes to sanitation, you should understand that this isn’t the time to share a towel or bottled water. Health experts are advising against the sharing of things even among family members. Make sure to bring your own towel and water bottle. The same goes for the rest of the family.

You need to be creative during this time when people are asked to socially distance from one another. People are social beings, and this is a particularly hard rule to follow. However, with creativity and resourcefulness, you should find your bearings in no time. And if running a bit outdoors is what you need, find the time and do that. You need to take care of your physical and mental well-being.

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