Simple Ways to Foster a Positive Work Environment

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An adage says that you will never have to work a day in your life if you love what you do. But, having passion is not the only aspect of your profession that can make you wake up every day ready to do your best at work. Having a positive work environment helps, too.

A positive working environment is where employees feel safe, feel professional and personal growth, and feel that they can attain their goals. A positive working environment is a place where people are motivated, inspired, supported, and, most importantly, productive.

That is why all the biggest companies in the world strive to achieve a positive work environment. Employees at Zoom are always excited to go to work. On the other hand, employees at Google are humbled by the company’s passion for innovation and philanthropy. Those working at Adobe are provided with opportunities to learn and advance to more important roles within the company.

All businesses have plenty to learn from the top companies around the world.

Leaders Should Lead by Example

It rarely inspires employees to go over and beyond the call of duty if they do not see their boss exerting the same effort and commitment to the work at hand.

See, for example, Seah Moon Ming. Before becoming the chairman of SMRT, the public transport operator was riddled with controversy. It was receiving criticism from the media and commuters across Singapore. However, when he sat down at the helm of the organization, things changed. The most significant change happened from the top.

He surprised everyone when he publicly apologized for flooding and collisions that disrupted the public transport system, leaving commuters stranded. Even when it was not his fault, he took responsibility for it and was humble enough to ask for forgiveness from the people they serve. Since the incident, SMRT has remained to be a trusted organization. Employees work hard to provide excellent service to the public. They took ownership of their roles and were better committed to improving the public transport system.

Open Opportunities for Learning

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Employees prefer to work for employers that give them the chance to gain new skills and move their careers forward. No one wants to feel stagnant, stuck in the same job forever. In fact, it is one of the primary reasons why young Singaporean workers are looking to switch to another job. In one survey, 22 percent of respondents admitted that the lack of growth and progression is a major factor that makes them want to leave their current job.

To create a positive working environment, companies need to allocate more budget and resources toward the professional development of existing employees. It will benefit the company because employees get to update their mastery of their field and learn new skills that will make them more competitive. Moreover, they will feel appreciated knowing that their employer wants to retain them and give them a more important role in the company.

Show Gratitude

The companies reap the fruits of the hard work of the entire workforce. Without the talents and expertise they apply to their job, the company would not be as successful.

Management, therefore, should regularly show gratitude to the team for doing their best at all times. A simple thank you, sometimes, can suffice, but it also would not hurt to provide gifts, too.

Employees will also appreciate hearing what exactly they did correctly. Crediting them for a brilliant idea they had or a successful project they oversaw will make them feel that their bosses notice their hard work.

Encourage Teamwork

Collaboration is important to every company. It is what enables new ideas to form and improve efficiency in the workplace. Each employee has something to contribute that, when utilized through collaboration, can lead to better outcomes.

Moreover, teamwork leads to a friendlier, more supportive, and positive work environment.

Bosses should make sure that every team member, including new hires, is not left out. It is the responsibility of leaders to adopt ways that will awaken camaraderie between every member of the team.

Create Comfort

If you have seen Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Netflix offices, they are rarely gray and drab. These companies increase productivity by pouring resources into developing spaces that stimulate the mind and comfort workers.

The traditional office design is not exactly conducive to creative and innovative thinking. Sure, there are no obvious sources of distraction, but it only adds to the stress many workers already experience every day. That is why the top companies worldwide spend so much on making their offices not look like typical workspaces. There are no cubicles, only cozy couches and chairs. Employees are not stuck indoors for the majority of the day; they have the option to work outdoors if they want to.

Comfort, it turns out, can lead to productivity and encourage a positive working environment.

Working is a common source of stress. For those, however, who were lucky to work in a company with a positive work environment, it is a source of joy. Companies should strive to create a positive work environment for their employees to increase productivity and decrease resignations.

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