Four Benefits of Pursuing the Van Life

woman driving a van
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From solo nomads to romantic couples, living in a van to pursue endless adventures has attracted many people from all walks of life. Most of them document their exciting lifestyle via social media posts. Some of them even earn from literally following their dreams. Yes, the van life movement has taken social media by storm.

On Instagram, #Vanlife has almost nine million mentions. Add other iterations of the hashtag to that number and what you get is a staggering level of popularity that speaks of the lifestyle’s unquestionable charm.

But, of course, there are pros and cons to consider before joining the van life bandwagon. Here, let’s zero in on the upsides.

Fewer expenses

Living the van life means living sans mortgage. You’re also freed from utility expenses. There’s no need to pay for house upkeep either. And that’s considerable savings right there. Experts advise setting aside one percent of the total value of your home for annual home repairs.

That means if you’re living in a $300,000 home, you can expect to pay $3,000 per annum for leaky pipes, creaky floorboards, and roof repair services. While these are maintenance services you should do to live comfortably in your house, if you’re a van lifer, you can use that money for gas instead.

More interesting people

If you haven’t seen the 2021 Oscar frontrunner Nomadland, it’s about time you peruse the annals of the internet for a copy, legit or bootlegged. It’s an interesting take on the van life with sociopolitical underpinnings. But that’s not the only thing that makes the movie interesting.

It depicts van lifers as communities on the move, meeting in certain places at certain times. While you’re on the road on your own, you’re not essentially alone. You get to cross paths with some of the most captivating individuals sharing something similar with you–a thirst for autonomy without completely neglecting human connection.

Less work

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In the movie Nomadland, the depiction of a van lifer is on the dreary side. But that should not be the case for you, especially if you’re young and have the looks of a would-be online influencer. Yes, you can monetize your looks and lifestyle so that you can fund your van adventures.

Invest in reliable photography gadgets. Set up an Instagram account. Take awesome pictures and post with the right captions and strategic hashtags. Before you know it, you’re the apple of the eye of random strangers from all over the world, as well as brands eager to partner with you for sponsored posts.

You can also maintain a blog. Write interesting content for your followers and rack up those views. Soon you’ll be earning from Google ads.

That’s legit work right there. And it won’t take too much of your time.

More time

Less work means more time. And more time means you can do all the fun things you want to do and see all the gorgeous places you want to see. Even if your van life is less influencer and more Nomadland-type, you will still be in control of your time and how you wish to use it.

Stacey Leasca interviewed van lifers for Forbes magazine. It’s a must-read for everyone aspiring to ditch their nine to five in favor of something less traditional. One couple succinctly put the whole trend into perspective. To quote Eamon Fitzgeral and Becca Moroney: “While we love van life, I am not always quick to recommend it to everyone. There are many nights spent in a Walmart parking lot and many moments that make you crave the comforts of ’normal’ life. Having said that, van life is the perfect life for those who want to live an alternative lifestyle that prioritizes adventure and freedom.”

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