Fun Things You Can Enjoy with Your Friends Without Overspending

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When it comes to hanging out, societal pressure also tends to affect people’s preferences. Going to expensive clubs and resorts, traveling, shopping — all of these luxurious activities are often enjoyed by influencers on social media, who regularly post snippets of these “lit” experiences on their pages. While they don’t directly tell their followers to live like they do, it’s unfortunately the message that they’re sending, driving many people, especially young ones, to overspend just to experience the same kind of fun.

So, if your bank account has been protesting over your pricey hangouts, it’s time to lie-low on the weekly night-out and travel scene, and take time to see and appreciate what you’ve been missing: the beauty of your hometown, the company of your true friends (while sober), your mom’s cooking, and your hometown’s local restaurants. All these you can enjoy without putting a dent on your finances!

That said, here’s everything you can do without overspending, and have pure, awesome fun.

  1. Dine at a Local Sandwich Shop

You may initially think enjoying a sandwich is too basic, but once you visit the right sandwich shop, you’ll be surprised at how the lunch staple can be made extraordinary. Have lunch at Draper, Utah’s best sandwich shops, and see for yourself. Or at any other sandwich shop in your hometown if you’re from another city or state. Swap out your junk foods for a healthy, tasty, and expertly made sandwich. You’ll never regret it.

  1. Shop at a Flea Market

Ditch the mall for once and give the flea market a try. For just a few dollars, you can get your hands on many unique and nostalgic finds, be it a fashionable accessory, home decor, trendy clothing, or random beautiful trinkets.

  1. Go Biking

If you and your pals haven’t been active for a while, biking is a good way to restart that long-forgotten workout. It also comes with the benefit of exploring your entire hometown without leaving any carbon footprint and spending a dollar (unless you’re renting a bike).

  1. Visit the Local Museum or Zoo on Their Free Admission Days

Take a break from the noise of bars and nightclubs by visiting a museum or zoo. Find out their free admission days and take advantage of those! You can go alone to enjoy a reflective me-time, or have your friends join you so can experience an intellectually-stimulating activity together.

  1. Watch Street Performers

If you’re getting tired of streaming your playlists every day and having nothing new to listen to, find out if there are street performers in your area, and be their audience for a day or a night. You might stumble across an incredibly talented singer or dancer, and next thing you’d know, you’ve become a regular to all their gigs.

  1. Play Board Games

Board gamesIf you’re not in possession of any board games anymore, perhaps some restaurants in your area offers them. Or maybe the flea market has them for sale! Board game tournaments are perfect for a group of friends or family, and they’re an excellent way to temporarily forget your smartphones and other digital devices.

  1. Volunteer

When was the last time you gave back to your community? If you’ve been devoured by work and alcohol-filled nights, chances are you’ve long forgotten about volunteering. Of course, this activity can’t be forced, hence it’s called volunteering, but if you’ve been searching for a fulfilling task to nurture your soul, perhaps it’s volunteering that will give you just that. Find an organization that’s close to your passion or interests, and dedicate your free time to extend a helping hand.

There are at least a dozen more activities you can enjoy without overspending, so widen your options if you’ve already given all these seven a try. Once you’ve gotten accustomed to having fun without hurting your finances, you just might never give in to the influencers’ pressure again.

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