Fusing Functionality and Aesthetics: Transforming Your Home’s Functional Features into Aesthetic Enhancements

Black front gate
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We always enjoy browsing photos of beautiful homes with exceptional design features, visually pleasing decor assortment, cozy furniture, and perfectly-maintained landscapes. We probably save them on our Pinterest boards so that we’ll have something to draw inspiration from when we’re finally building or buying a new home.

But over time, whether or not we end up with a new home, we’ll realize that it’s just unrealistic to make every aspect of our dwellings look sightly. Cords are all over the place and are impossible to hide, security devices are installed in obvious spots, sometimes greeting us right in our faces. Some architectural features are designed with little to no regard for creativity.

That’s when we also realize that homes on Pinterest are merely staged. However, don’t fret yet, because you absolutely can achieve the same level of aesthetics in your place without sacrificing functionality. Refer to the tips below to learn the tricks.

Choosing the Perfect Front Gates

Since the front gates are the first feature people will notice upon approaching your property, we can say that they set the tone for your home. Choosing a gate is more complex than people realize, because aside from its purpose, its type, style, durability, and maintenance matter as well.

For example, if you have a sprawling traditional property, then you must opt for tall and highly-durable metal gates among many estate gates for sale. For contemporary properties, a galvanized steel gate would be ideal.

Identify your gate’s purpose by deciding which one you prioritize more: security or aesthetics? Although they can work together, picking aesthetics might mean you need to install additional security devices. Since security gates are typically automated, it might not fit a traditional property.

It’s preferable to select a low-maintenance material as well, such as metal. Wood may be a great aesthetic choice, especially for country-style homes, but it needs to be regularly treated or stained.

Camouflaging Security Devices

You’d typically prefer to make your security devices shown to tempt away potential burglars, but camouflaging them has benefits, too. It would drop the guard of burglars, giving you a chance to catch them fast.

If your CCTVs are installed somewhere in plain sight, cover them in a decorative case to disguise them as decor. You can also tuck them in potted shrubs to make them even less obvious. Installing them behind glass windows instead of the outer walls is a brilliant idea as well. If you have a wireless unit, blend it with your mount’s texture to conceal them.

Beautifying Columns

These structural supports have amazing potentials for being focal points. While your home is still under construction, let a professional designer decide how to place the columns. Plan your furniture layout around them, and depending on your home’s overall design style, select among wood, brick, stucco, and stone to wrap the columns with. If you have columns outside, adorning them with greenery would add life, not to mention help in purifying the air.

You can also add more purpose to your columns by making them your built-in shelves, so you can show off your beautiful collections.

Hiding Electrical Wires

Electrician fixing wires

It’s actually pretty easy to hide wires. You can drill a hole to your drywall to tuck all the wires behind it or mount your power strip to the wall to keep the wires from being in the way. Or simply buy a media console to hide all your electronics including their cords in.

To prevent tangles, use a cable catch or cord hooks. If you’d rather bundle them in one place, a cord wrap, dock, or a cable reel is the key.

With these genius hacks to make your home’s functional features look sightly, you’d finally live the dream of having an abode that’s picture-perfect at all times. Those Pinterest pins will no longer just be an object of your fantasies.

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